MCA 81-2-120

The 2019 Montana legislative session is coming soon. We will update this page as legislative developments take shape.

Here is a wrap up of the bills that passed into law and resolutions that affected wild buffalo in Montana. The next legislative session will convene in January 2019.

HB 108

Sponsored by Rep. Bridget Smith, HB 108 reauthorizes the allocation of two state wild buffalo licenses to tribes for traditional purposes. At the behest of the Crow Tribe of Indians, the tribe was removed as a recipient of the special state issued buffalo hunting tags.

SJ 19

Sponsored by Senator Mike Phillips, the Montana legislature passed SJ 19, a Joint Resolution requesting the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to reconsider the appropriateness of listing brucella abortus as a bioterrorism agent to facilitate research into the transmission of the pathogen to cattle and domestic bison.