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The 2019 Montana legislative session began January 7 and will run through May 1. We will update this page as legislative developments take shape.

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Montana Legislature Bison Bills

BILL: HB 132
TITLE:  Clarify definition of bison
SPONSOR:  Rep. Kenneth L. Holmlund
BILL DESCRIPTION: As amended, buffalo must meet all three following conditions under HB 132 to be wild: “has not been reduced to captivity,” “has never been owned by a person,” and “has never been subject to the per capita fee under 15-24-921,” a fee enacted in 1915 to enforce livestock laws. HB 132 tries to define wild buffalo out of existence: none would exist as wild or be recognized as wild under state law.
STATUS: Passed the House 74 YEAS, 26 NAYS. Passed as amended 7 YEAS, 4 NAYS in the Senate Agriculture, Livestock & Irrigation committee (March 15, 2019). A Senate floor vote is imminent. Please contact your Montana state senators to vote against HB 132.
(Hearing begins at 15:19:40).
(Hearing begins at 16:50:30).

“In my language, from the beginning of time, in the creation of PAH-SKWAH-MOO-STOO-S, that’s what my people call him PAH-SKWAH-MOO-STOO-S . . . that’s the definition, that’s the original name PAH-SKWAH-MOO-STOO-S.” Rep. Jonathan Windy Boy (House testimony at 17:07:20)


BILL: HB 332
TITLE: Require county approval to relocate bison
SPONSOR: Rep. Joshua Kassmier
BILL DESCRIPTION: HB 332 would require the approval of county commissioners (in all affected counties) for any proposal to transplant or relocate wild buffalo or bison. HB 332 would prevent the release, transplant or relocation of wild buffalo or bison unless specific findings were made by a board of county commissioners that it does not threaten the public health, safety, and welfare of citizens, is “consistent with the elements of a growth policy” adopted by the county, and the animals are certified brucellosis-free. HB 332 would permit any one board of county commissioners to usurp state authority over any proposal to relocate wild buffalo in Montana.
STATUS: Passed the House 56 YEAS, 41 NAYS. Hearing in the Senate Agriculture, Livestock & Irrigation committee Tuesday, March 26 at 3 PM in Room 303 of the Capitol building. Please contact your Montana state senator to vote against HB 332.
HOUSE WEBCAST: (Hearing begins at 17:22:50).

“I’m here today to state the Fort Peck Tribes opposition to HB 332 because it is another example of discriminatory legislation regarding buffalo and Montana tribes.” - Rick Kirn, tribal council member for the Assiniboine Sioux Tribes of Fort Peck (House testimony at 17:34:30).

BILL: HB 478
TITLE: Revise bison transfer laws
SPONSOR: Rep. Tyson T. Runningwolf
BILL DESCRIPTION: HB 478 creates an exemption allowing the transfer of bison for quarantine on reservation lands without the state veterinarian’s brucellosis-free certification; removes the Department of Livestock's authority to sell wild bison and credit proceeds to the livestock agency; wild bison killed by the Department of Livestock must be donated to a charity or tribal entity; and waives the requirement for an import permit or health certificate for bison coming to a reservation, unless the livestock agency provides “clear and convincing evidence” that doing so “is a significant danger to the public health."
STATUS: Hearing in the House Agriculture committee March 21 at 3 PM in Room 137 of the Capitol building.

BILL: LC0498
TITLE: Define wild bison
SPONSOR: Rep. Casey Knudsen
STATUS: Draft delivered to requester (Feb. 20, 2019)

BILL: LC0186
SPONSOR: Sen. Mike Lang
SUBJECT: Revise bison laws
STATUS: Draft on hold (Nov. 6, 2018)


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