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Yellowstone Bison Slaughter
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Solutions to the Slaughter & Harassment
of the Yellowstone Buffalo
(Download, word document, 2 pages, 116KB)

Short Term:
Buffalo must be recognized in Montana as a valued and recovered native wildlife species.

Trained wildlife professionals without conflict of interest should manage wild buffalo; they should not be managed by the state livestock agency.

Buffalo must be given full access to all suitable habitat in Montana within the Greater Yellowstone Area (GYA) at all times of the year.

The Montana Department of Livestock must develop brucellosis-proof management plans for all domestic cattle that continue to graze in the GYA including the provision of wildlife proof fencing if necessary.

Governor Schweitzer, together with the governors of Idaho and Wyoming, must petition USDA-APHIS to modify the federal brucellosis classification system to allow more flexible management of wildlife and cattle in the GYA.

Ranchers outside of the GYA should not be threatened because those within the area choose to raise susceptible cattle near brucellosis-exposed wildlife without taking adequate precaution.

Native American tribes – especially those with a cultural, historical, and spiritual connection to the buffalo – must be included in all decisions relating to the management and recovery efforts of wild buffalo in Montana.


State and Federal authorities should develop an effective vaccine against brucellosis for cattle and mandate use within the GYA.

Public lands currently designated for livestock grazing should be reclassified to give priority to native wildlife species, including wild buffalo.

The current property tax structure in Montana encourages livestock production by providing tax breaks for agricultural use. Landowners who allow wild buffalo to access their land should be provided with similar incentives through the Habitat Montana program.

Underpass or overpass systems that allow wildlife to cross roads and highways should be developed to lessen the chance of collisions with automobiles.

Wildlife migration corridors must be created through a process of creative cooperation between public land managers and private landowners, to allow wild buffalo and other migratory species to migrate within the GYA, and eventually, outside of the region.

The difficult controversy over buffalo management today is a direct result of the transmission of brucellosis from domestic cattle housed within Yellowstone National Park to the native wild buffalo at the turn of the last century. Livestock producers and public administrators should ensure that cattle will not transmit diseases to native flora and fauna.

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