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2001 - 2002 Campaign updates (Also see our current updates)

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9/26/02: Update from the Field - Woodcut Weekend approaches...// Our kitchen Needs //Ways you can help the Buffalo Field Campaign

9/19/02: Update From the Field

9/05/02: Update From the Field// The Buffalo's Cry

8/22/02: a brand-new update from BFC Summer Coordinator Megan Fishback, live from the Yellowstone boundary // A short piece with background information on the Yellowstone herd, the current slaughter, and brucellosis// Tips on contacting your elected officials and the public servants who have the power to stop the slaughter // Ways you can help the Buffalo Field Campaign

8/08/02: Update from the Field// Just Yesterday - Anita Martin

8/01/02: Buffalo by Lynda "Spiritdove" Imburgia

7/25//02: Update from the the only group in the field 365 days a year with the last wild, free roaming buffalo// Horse Butte Free State - by Rain Wolf

7/11/02: Update from the field // What you can do

7/05/02: Update From the Field// Peaceful Protester Sentenced

6/27/02: Update from the the only group in the field 365 days a year with the last wild, free roaming buffalo // What you can do

6/20/02: Update from the Field// New newsletter - help get the word out!

6/06/02: Update From the Field// Press Release: Two Bull Bison Shot Near West Yellowstone// to all...

5/30/02:News from the Field// Right to KNow// Hornaday quote

5/23/02: News From the Field // Do ya' like these updates?// Press Release: Montana Indiscriminately Slaughters 29 More Yellowstone Bison// What can you do?

5/16/02: Update from the Field// BFC Settles Right-to-Know Lawsuit against Montana Department of Livestock //The Buffalo Slaughter and Native American Traditions

5/09/02: Update From the Field // Summer Volunteer Opportunities with the BFC// Donate your Diesel Vehicle

5/03/02: Update From the Field// Volunteer words // Thanks

4/26/02: Update From the Field// Poetry //Together we do make a difference

4/18/02: What you Can Do// BFC in the Press //Thank You!// Buffalo Exchange Benefits this Saturday, April 20// A Program Update - Horse Butte Wilands Protection Matching Funds Needed

4/11/02: Coming Together of Behalf of Yellowstone Buffalo// Update From the Field// (Press Release from 4/11/02) //Thank you to LightHawk for the recent Yellowstone flyover Buffalo //Earth Day Benefits (Thank you Buffalo Exchange)

April 10,2002: A supporter Speaks out ... "I'm learning to dread Spring, particularly this month of April."

4/04/02: An Update from the Field// Press Release// Buffalo Stampede in DC a success!

3/28/02: Update from the Field// Stampede for the Buffalo in Washington, D.C. April 4th //Help Needed

3/21/02: An Update from the Field// Thanks!// Stampede for the Buffalo in Washington, D.C. April 4th// Volunteers needed for Buffalo Exchange fundraiser April 20th// Story from Sundog

3/14/02: An Update from the Field // Stampede for the Buffalo in Washington, D.C. April 4

Week of Action Special Update

3/07/02: An Update from the Field// Thank you to Our Supporters// Call DOL Director Mark Bridges!

2/28/02: An Update from the Field// International Buffalo Network Week of Action Update and Planned Events:// Public Forum on Science and Spirituality of Yellowstone Bison Management// Women's Day of Action Announcement// Recycle Printer Cartridges to Support the Buffalo

2/21/02:An Update from the Field// Third Annual Tatanka benefit in Boise, Idaho// International Buffalo Network// Week of Action, National Day of Action and Day of Prayer for the Buffalo// Request for gear// Recycle printer cartridges for the buffalo!// Thanks

2/14/02: An Update from the Field// Thanks //Week of Action, National Day of Action and Day of Prayer for the Buffalo //Thoughts from a BFC volunteer

2/07/02: An Update from the Field// A Press Release to Send to Your Local Newspaper //Week of Action and National Day of Action for the Buffalo// A letter of Thanks from Corey

1/31/02: An Update from the Field// Week of Action //Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young Tour to Benefit the Buffalo Field Campaign //Correction: Outdated Phone Number Given for Montana Governor Martz //Thank you

1/24/02: Thank You to Our Supporters// Update from the Field// A Call for Help

1/17/02: Update from the Field-Four more bulls captured.// BFC Press Release //Write a letter or call Governor Martz or the DOL// Write a letter to the editor

1/10/02:Ten Yellowstone Bison Slaughtered by Livestock Agents/// A Few Facts on Brucellosis and the DOL's test: the Myth Behind the Slaughter

1/03/02: From the Field// How you can help

12/27/01: Update from the Field--A Peaceful Week with the Buffalo// Buffalo Field Campaign to be featured on "National Geographic Today" //Four more days to comment on federal bison study (comments due 12/31)

12/20/01: An Update from the Field. Buffalo Field Campaign Volunteers Protect 16 Bison; Four Sent to Slaughter//A Letter of Thanks from BFC's Development Coordinator

12/14/01: "Share Bears" & Fetal Study Comments Needed

12/06/01: Update from the Field// A Press Release // "Shameless holiday gift promotions"// APHIS plans diabolical bison fetus test (88 fetuses in 11 weeks and who-knows-what impacts to the Yellowstone Ecosystem and its predators)

11/29/01: Update from the Field // Buffalo Slain// Right- to- Know Case// Peltier Poem

11/16/01: Field News// Comment Deadline extended

11/08/01: Update from the Field// Thanks// Allotment Comments Needed

10/25/2001: Update from the hazing zone/ Mark your calendars// Can you donate 20 minutes and a 34 cent stamp to the future generations of buffalo? //You are invited (Boulder, Colorado presentation)

10/18/2001: From the Field// 2 + 2 = ????

10/11/2001: Update from the Field ??Thanks!// Notecard Info

10/04/2001: Update from the Buffalo Field Campaign //Scoping Comments Needed// Mark your Calendars

9/27/2001: Update from the Buffalo Field Campaign //snail mail in style// You can make a difference...


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