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8/22/03: Update From the Field // West and East Coast Roadshow Updates // Last Words

7/31/03: A Schedule of BFC's Upcoming Roadshow // BFC Planning East Coast Roadshow, Needs Your Help in Setting up Events // A Word From the Kitchen

7/24/03: Rahall Amendment Narrowly Defeated //"Bison Almost Not Killed" -- News Story // Development Update // BFC Plans East Coast Roadshow, Seeks Help in Setting up Events // Last Words

7/10/03: Congress considers putting an end to buffalo slaughter - your call can make it happen! - Please call this week

6/26/03:Update from the Field // An Example of Why We Need to Be Here // Brucellosis and the Cattle Barons // Last Words

6/12/03: Update from the Field (Baby buffalo dies) // Poem for the Lost Calf // 2002-2003 BFC Newsletter Nears Completion

5/29/03: Update from the Field // Summer Campaign begins Monday, // 25-foot Buffalo Roams West Coast! // Last Words

5/22/03: Update from the Field // Shifting into Summer Campaign // Summer Buffalo Road Show // Billings Gazette Poll Results // Last Words

5/15/03: Update from the Field // Seattle School Witnesses Wild Bison Haze; Pregnant Buffalo andNewborn Calves Repeatedly Stressed by Hazing // Last Words

5/09/03: Buffalo Stampede Update

5/08/03: Update From the Field // Demand that the Forest Service Stop Harassing Wild Bison! // Buffalo Stampede Clouds Gather in DC // Buffalo in the News // Program Update // Last Words

5/01/03: Update from the Field // Montana Hazes Hundreds of Wild Buffalo;Haze Disrupts Birthing Bison Whose Calf Dies // Thanks for the Support // Buffalo Stampede Thundering Ahead // Legal Update // Spring Campaign Continues // Thanks to All who Helped with the Buffalo Exchange Benefit // Last Words

4/24/03: Update from the Field // Rumblings of a Buffalo Stampede on the horizon // What is an Endangered Species Act petition? // Spring Campaign Continues // Buffalo Exchange Earth Day Benefit, Saturday, April 26 // Last Words - a hopeful story from Yellowstone

4/17/03: Update from the Field // Wyoming Indian School High - Events for the Buffalo // Week of Action for the Buffalo, April 19-25, 2003 // Make Your Voice Heard // Greater Yellowstone's Buffalo and Elk at Risk - contact APHIS and find out what they are up to! // Last Words

4/10/03: Update from the Field // Wyoming Indian School Events for the Buffalo // Week of Action for the Buffalo, April 19-25 // DC Buffalo Stampede, May 9th // Help List Yellowstone Bison as Endangered Species // Speak out about the Bison Hunting Bill in Montana // Springtime Celebration in West Yellowstone // Last Words

4/03/03: Update from the Field // New Video Shame on Yellowstone Available // Spring Buffalo Campaign and Week of Action // DC Buffalo Stampede, May 9th // Help List Yellowstone Bison as Endangered Species // Update on the Legal Front // Buffalo Exchange Earth Day Benefit // Thanks for the Support

From the Legislative Front: Rep. Nick J. Rahall, II letter to NPS regarding bison slaughter (He's the ranking Democratic Member; House Resource Committee)

3/20/03: Update from the Field // Update on buffalo bills in the Montana Legislature // Week of Action for the Buffalo, April 19-25 // Buffalo Exchange Earth Day Benefit // Last Words

3/05/03: Urgent Update from Gardiner - 133 Buffalo Sent to Slaughter // Contact Yellowstone National Park and the Montana Department of Livestock // National and Local Media Coverage // Current Slaughter Threatens Survival of Entire Yellowstone Bison Herd // Exposing the Brucellosis Myth // Support Needed for Continued Buffalo Defense // Last Words

3/04/03: Special Update from Gardiner, Montana - 200 buffalo on their way to slaughter already AND up to another 100 in harm's way. (They are being captured INSIDE Yellowstone National Park)

2/27/03: Sport Hunting of Bison Off Target (Legislative Updates) // Buffalo Exchange Earth Day Benefit for BFC // Help Keep the Buffalo Volunteers Warm // Thanks for your Support // Bozeman Benefit on March 9th // Last Words

2/20/03: Update from the Field // Colorado Middle School Witnesses Bison Capture // Sojourner School Shares Life Lessons at BFC // Calls and Letters Needed to Oppose Montana Bill to Allow Sport
Hunting of Bison // Bozeman Benefit on March 9th // Last Words

2/13/03: Update from the Field // Montana Agriculture Committee Passes a Resolution Urging Brucellosis Eradication // Volunteers needed for Buffalo Exchange Fundraiser April 26th // Boise Rock and Roll Benefit for the Buffalo Field Campaign

2/06/03:Update from the Field // Ask Yellowstone National
Park to Protect Wild Bison // Make your conservation
dollars double! // Propane Heaters Needed // Last Words

1/30/03:Update from the Field // Make your conservation dollars double! // Thanks for the Support // What does hazing mean? // Donate Vitamins to keep the Buffalo Defenders Healthy // Last Words

Special Update from our Legal/Research Frontlines: Antelope Basin habitat

1/23/03: Update from the Field// Buffalo News on TV// Responding to Governor Martz// Update on Government Brucellosis "Eradication" (watch out elk lovers!)// Last Words

1/16/03: Update from the Field// Thanks for your support//Last Words

1/09/03: Update from the Field// BFC's Endangered Species Lawsuit Heard in Court// BFC goes birding with Audubon// E-mail the Secretaries of Interior and Agriculture// Comment on Wyoming Elk Vaccination Plan before Jan. 15th!// Last Words

From the Legal Frontlines : Endangered Species Act lawsuit to be heard for American Bald Eagles, Yellowstone Bison

1/02/03:Update from the Field// Speak out for the Buffalo! // Seeking Independent Media Outlets // Bozeman Benefits // Last Words

12/26/02: Update from the Field // ESA Lawsuit to be heard in Federal Court // Bozeman Co-op benefit tomorrow!// Thanks for your support // Last Words

12/19/02: Update from the Field // Holiday gift ideas// Thanks for the support // Last Words

12/12/02: Update from the Field // Take action--write a letter to the editor // Holiday gift ideas // Request for warm socks and batteries

From the Research Front: Wyoming state vet compares brucellosis eradication to castrating a 900lb. boar hog!


12/05/02: Update from the Field // Special Gift Offer and Thanks to our Supporters// Help spread the word // Last Words

11/28/02: Update from the Field--Thankful for the Calm// Please Take Action! // Thank You for Supporting BFC // Last Words

11/21/02: from the Field--Bull Buffalo Shot this Morning// Please Take Action!// Thank You for Supporting BFC//Media Wish List// Today's Press Release

11/14/02: Update from the Field// New Features on BFC Website //The Cook's corner

11/07/02: Update from the Field //The Cook's corner //Citizen's Buffalo Petition -- We need your help

10/31/2002: Field Update // Kitchen thanks // What can you do?

October 24, 2002: Update from the Field // Kitchen notes...

October 18, 2002: Mease's Musings: Montana Won't Leave the Last Wild Buffalo Alone // New Wildlife Compilation Video Available //Help Feed the Buffalo Warriors, Donate Kitchen Items!

October 10, 2002: DoL Retaliate //Thanks to our young supporters!// Press Release 10/10/02

October 3, 2002: Winter Slaughter begins - 3 bulls killed //Our kitchen Needs

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