Buffalo Field Campaign West Yellowstone
buffalo field campaign yellowstone bison slaughter Buffalo Field Campaign
West Yellowstone, Montana
Working in the field every day to stop the
slaughter of Yellowstone's wild free roaming buffalo

Total Yellowstone
Buffalo Killed
Winter 2007/2008
(past counts)

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why are the Yellowstone National Park buffalo being slaughtered?
Who is slaughtering the Yellowstone National Park buffalo?
Who is the Montana Department of Livestock (MDOL)?
What is brucellosis?
What is the Greater Yellowstone Interagency Brucellosis Committee (GYIBC)?
What about the elk infected with brucellosis?
What are the alternatives to the buffalo slaughter?
But there are no cattle in West Yellowstone, right?
How many cattle graze within range of the Yellowstone buffalo?
What is the cost to taxpayers?
Do Native Americans have a voice in this issue?
How can Native American Tribes help?
Aren't ranchers required to vaccinate their cattle?
Whats wrong with quarantining (corralling & confining) Yellowstone Buffalo?
How does Idaho & Wyoming manage brucellosis?
Does hazing buffalo disturb other wildlife?
How many buffalo have been slaughtered?
How many buffalo are in Yellowstone National Park?
What is the carrying capacity of Yellowstone National Park?
Are the Yellowstone National Park buffalo wild?
How many capture facilities are there? Where are they?
Why is the Duck Creek capture facility on a poachers property?
Who gets the slaughtered buffalo meat?
Who is the USDA Animal Plant and Health Inspection Service (APHIS)?
What is the Church Universal Triumphant?
Buffalo Field Campaign West Yellowstone Montana
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