October 22, 1997

Fellow Citizens,

This week Yellowstone National Park officials announced the upsetting news about shooting unhazable or untrapable bull buffalo inside the Park.

When the capture facility in Gardiner, Montana reaches capacity, the Park Service will shoot bulls. Capture facilities that ship the buffalo to slaughter will be erect inside the Park near Gardiner, Montana and on public lands in West Yellowstone, Montana.

Marc Bridges of the Montana Department of Livestock said, "If we have to take on mature bulls,
we'll take them on by lethal means."
Burcellosis is only transmitted to cattle through contact with an aborted fetus. Bull buffalo have no chance of transmitting the disease, yet they are killing them because of possible transmission.

Last year nearly 1,100 of the United States last free ranging buffalo were killed by the Montana Department of Livestock and the U.S. Park Service. The thing to note is that these 1,100 buffalo were the genital superior of the herd because they made it out to their winter forage grounds. Out of an estimated population of 3,500 buffalo in Yellowstone before last years slaughter, 1,100 had a detrimental impact. The agencies seem to have not learned from last years tragedy. This is unacceptable.

This insane slaughter has been going on in different forms and facets for over 10 years now. The same agencies that have been killing the buffalo all of this time are still running the show. This group of agencies is going on 9 years of being late on their long term management plan( E.I.S.- how the buffalo are to be managed forever). The Native Americans have never been invited to sit in on how the buffalo will be managed, even though the Park recognizes 10 tribes as having land rights in Yellowstone. 44 Native American tribes are willing to pay the bill to relocate live buffalo to their tribes, restoring culture and economy to an oppressed peoples.

Buffalo Nations will not stand by and watch America's last wild buffalo herd be exterminated again. The Park Service is spending U.S. tax-payer dollars to kill our last wild buffalo. It is time for the  American people to stand up and voice their outrage.

If you would like to  get involved with our efforts to stop the slaughter please contact

Buffalo Nations

POB 242;
Gardiner, MT 59030
POB 957;
PHONE:406.646.0070; FAX:406.646.0071

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