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  • Livestock Agents Harass and Slaughter 24 of America's Last Wild Buffalo

    slaughtered 21, sent six to quarantine, and released 19 on Horse Butte. "While the state touts quarantine as an alternative to slaughter, it is merely an attempt to domesticate and imprison the Yellowstone herd," said Dan Brister of the Buffalo Field...
  • Montana Department of Livestock Severely Injures Pregnant Buffalo During Capture Operation

    in the field, everyday, to stop the slaughter of the wild Yellowstone buffalo. Volunteers defend the buffalo on their native habitat and advocate for their protection.
  • Montana Department of Livestock Shoots Bull Buffalo on Yellowstone National Park Boundary

    every move made against them. Yellowstone bison are members of the only herd with continuously wild ancestry on its native range. The herd is both genetically and behaviorally unique. Today's kill marks the start of the DOL's 2003-2004 slaughter season....
  • Montana Department of Livestock Wastes Tax Dollars Hazing Buffalo Calves on Public Land with Helicopter

    the west boundary in nearly 50 separate operations this season. "Is it really successful to waste our tax dollars harassing native wildlife during their spring calving migrations?" asked Ted Fellman of the Buffalo Field Campaign (BFC). "How can the DOL...
  • Yellowstone Bison and Eagle Partisans to Challenge Federal Court Decision

    for Yellowstone's migrating bison. Yellowstone’s buffalo herd is the last wild and genetically pure herd to occupy their native habitat in the United States. Forested hillsides on the Horse Butte peninsula provide security for three threatened bald...
  • HIghway Safety Threatened by DOL Bison Haze

    and is given full discretion to do so?" asked BFC Project Director Dan Brister. "What could be more 'low risk' than native bison on National Forest land where cattle never graze?" The DOL forced thebuffalo in the opposite direction of their migration,...
  • Last Wild Bison Harassed by Government During Calving Season

    in the field, every day, to stop the slaughter of the wild Yellowstone buffalo. Volunteers defend the buffalo and their native habitat and advocate for their lasting protection.
  • Bison Advocates And Landowners Call For Changed Management

    Background: Horse Butte Peninsula is 24,000 acres of wildlife rich habitat, located north of West Yellowstone, Montana. Native bison that migrate from the Yellowstone Plateau following the Madison River winter in the upper Madison Valley. In spring...
  • Bison Advocates Proposes a Way Out of Needless Buffalo Slaughter

    said Darrel Geist, habitat coordinator for Buffalo Field Campaign. It is time that we sit down together and create alternatives to the current unfair, wasteful and harmful management practices. Governor Brian Schweitzer and the State Veterinarian Marty...
  • Yellowstone Buffalo Slaughter Begins, Tough Winter Ahead

    and the national public was shocked & outraged. At a workshop in April 2002 , Dr. Mary Meagher, who studied Yellowstone's native bison herd for thirty-five years, said the government imposed bison population cap of 3,000 is not a biological umber or an...
  • Federal Judge Hears Lawsuit for American Bald Eagles and Yellowstone Bison

    and the National Environmental Policy Act." "Hazing is taking atremendous toll on bison, on threatened bald eagles, and on native wildlife in the Yellowstone ecosystem," said CMCR's Darrell Geist, "It needs to stop." "The judge expressed concern that...
  • Yellowstone National Park Sends Over 100 Wild Bison to Slaughter

    are being killed off again inside Yellowstone National Park without even being tested, " said Mease. "There are over 50 native tribes that have requested live bison to be introduced onto their reservations, and yet the state of Montana considers killing...
  • Word of Yellowstone Buffalo Slaughter Reaches Congress

    Mike Mease of the Buffalo Field Campaign, "They are the only genetically pure herd in America to continuously inhabit its native range. The current slaughter threatens the long-term viability of this irreplaceable herd. If we don’t list them today, the...
  • Livestock Interests Haze Bison Off Cattle-Free Horse Butte

    Stephany Seay. "Livestock interests have no business wasting millions of federal tax dollars to chase bison off of their native habitat where they should be free to roam." Today's hazing operation, like those throughout this week, push bison from Horse...
  • Traditional Ceremony Honoring Wild Buffalo on Horse Butte

    Hebgen Lake Basin following the Madison River. Horse Butte is a culturally significant site, home to a spectacular array of native wildlife and plant species, with local villagers and a private wildlife preserve supportive of wild buffalo on the land....
  • Ted Turner to Receive 88 Yellowstone Bison

    a huge disappointment and sets the very dangerous precedent in Montana of privatizing public wildlife," said Stephany Seay. Native American tribes have expressed interest in these Yellowstone buffalo for years, yet MFWP flatly denied tribal proposals to...
  • Buffalo Field Campaign and Western Watersheds Project File to Intervene in Lawsuit to Defend Bison's Room to Roam Beyond Yellowstone National Park

    hazing, capture, and slaughter operations that harms their interest in co-existing with the wild species in their native range. "Yellowstone is one of a very few nearly intact ecosystems on the planet and is considered a world treasure," said Fred...
  • Voluntary Grazing Permit Retirement Legislation Introduced in Congress Bill would Provide Cash Option for Grazing Permittee

    grazing is the most pervasive and damaging use of federal public lands. On public land across the West, millions of non-native livestock remove and trample vegetation, damage soil, spread invasive weeds, despoil water, deprive native wildlife of forage...
  • 10 Bull Bison Captured Along Yellowstone Boundary

    comment.” Under the Interagency Bison Management Plan’s Record of Decision in 2000, contraception was rejected as an alternative due to the numerous negative impacts associated with it. USDA-APHIS is a signatory to the IBMP, yet is moving forward with...
  • 27 Bison, Including Newborns, Captured Near Yellowstone

    bison populations that inhabit the Yellowstone region, protect the natural habitat of wild free-roaming bison and other native wildlife, and towork with people of all Nations to honor the sacredness of wild bison.
  • Freedom of Information Act Lawsuit Settlement Reached

    to stop the slaughter of Yellowstone's wild buffalo, protect the natural habitat of wild free-roaming buffalo and other native wildlife, and to work with people of all Nations to honor the sacredness of the wild buffalo.
  • Montana-Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council Passed Buffalo Resolution

    urges these agencies to provide for viable populations of wild migratory buffalo (or bison) in the wildlife species' native habitat. St. Goddard said, "This resolution puts the agencies on notice that there has to be legal consultation with the Tribes,...
  • Friends of Animals, Buffalo Field Campaign file rule-making petition to stop slaughter of buffalo in Yellowstone Park

    is a non-profit public interest organization founded in 1997 to protect the natural habitat of wild migratory buffalo and native wildlife, stop the slaughter of America’s last wild buffalo and advocate for their lasting protection, and work with people...
  • Managing Wild Buffalo Like Wild Elk in Montana

    Wildlife alternative proposed to costly and destructive government plan For Immediate Release May 4, 2015 An alternative to manage wild buffalo like wild elk in Montana. BFC’s wildlife alternative to the IBMP (PDF) Contacts: Darrell Geist, Buffalo...
  • Week of Action to Represent Wild Yellowstone Buffalo

    Day (targets to be announced that day; we will send you a Special Alert) Thursday, Feb 18, 1:00-4:00 - Helena, MT: BFC & Native Allies Rally in Helena! Rotunda of the Capitol Building from 1-4pm. Join BFC along with members of the Nez Perce,...
  • Update from the Field: Bison Abuse in the Hebgen Basin

    but the real reason buffalo are chased out of this area is because the ranchers don't want to share grass with the native buffalo. Photo by Stephany, Buffalo Field Campaign. BFC patrols were out in force documenting from multiple angles. The buffalo...
  • Events

    February 17, Wednesday, all day Location: Everywhere Details: National Call-In Day (targets to be announced that day) BFC & Native Americans Rally in Helena, MT February 18, Thursday, 1:00pm-4:00pm Location: Rotunda of the Capitol Building Details: Join...
  • Volunteering at BFC’s Base Camp

    full time. We are on patrol all day—every day—when buffalo are in danger. BFC patrols defend the buffalo on their critical, native Montana habitat and document every move made against them. Will you please consider becoming a BFC volunteer? The future...

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BFC's goal is to stop the slaughter and harassment of Yellowstone's wild buffalo herds, protect the natural habitat of wild free-roaming buffalo and native wildlife, and to work with people of all Nations to honor the sacredness of wild buffalo. learn more yellow 2

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