Do I have standing to object?
To become an objector, the Forest Service requires you to have previously submitted a comment during development of the Custer Gallatin National Forest’s land management plan.

  1. Download the Forest Service’s objections form. (Word Document, 20kb)
  2. Provide all of the information the Forest Service requires on the objections form.
  3. Check both boxes next to the Land Management Plan and the Regional Forester’s List of SCC on the objections form.
  4. For guidance on how to write an objection, download BFC’s Objections (PDF, 1.7MB) and BFC's Objections Form (PDF, 78kb).
  5. You must submit your objections in a readable, searchable format: Word, PDF, or Text.
  6. Sign and electronically submit your completed objections form to the Forest Service no later than September 8, 2020.

    Be sure to submit an electronic or paper copy of the evidence you introduce in your objection to the Forest Service’s decisions.

    You can also mail or fax your objection to:
    Objection Reviewing Officer
    USDA Forest Service Northern Region
    26 Fort Missoula Road
    Missoula MT 59804
    Fax: (406) 329–3411
  7. Once you properly file your objection, be prepared to timely respond to communications from the Forest Service on taking the next steps in the public objection’s process.


  • Check your eligibility. If you previously submitted a comment on the Forest Service's land management plan or decision to designate species of conservation concern, you have standing to become an objector.

    If you were a signatory to the submitted report, American bison a species of conservation concern (PDF, 17MB), you have secured your right to object. (Download the PDF and search your name using the “Find” feature).

  • To protect your standing, follow all of the Forest Service's rules for submitting an objection. Download the Administrative Review (PDF, 33kb).

  • Familiarize yourself with key definitions in the Forest Service Glossary (PDF, 66kb).

  • For each objection, provide a statement of what is wrong with the decision. Provide your reason and rationale to change the decision. Submit evidence in support of your objection. Ask the Forest Service to fix the final decision the way you want them to:

    Your final alternative for the Custer Gallatin National Forest land management plan must include habitat standards for American bison.

    Your final decision must designate American bison a species of conservation concern on National Forests in the Northern Region.

  • An objection can be personal or technical (a cite to the law, rule, scientific publication or evidence the Forest Service ignored).

    Native knowledge, the best available scientific information, your personal experience, your knowledge of language, place, history, biology, ecology, and common sense are wellsprings for writing substantive objections.

  • Timely follow up on communications from the Forest Service and take the next steps in the public objection’s process.