The 2023 session of the Montana Legislature convenes today in Helena, our state capitol. Meeting every two years, our State legislators have a track record of doing the bidding of stock growers and ranching lobbies, and we expect numerous bills to make life worse for wild buffalo, wolves, and grizzly bears. We are going to need your help to stop the madness.

With Republicans holding super majorities in the House and Senate, and all statewide offices from the Attorney General, to the Governor, and Secretary of State, defenders of native wildlife and public trust lands will need to increase our vigilance and unite together as a force for good.

Our message to Montana – which is being broadcast to everyone on a 10 foot by 22 foot billboard in Helena – is manage wild buffalo like wild elk repeal MCA § 81-2-120, the statute calling for the removal of buffalo as seen fit by the state veterinarian and the Dept. of Livestock.

bfc billboard helena 2023

BFC's New Billboard in Helena, Montana

While we don’t anticipate a bill to repeal the livestock department’s authority and adopt the common sense idea of managing wild buffalo like wild elk in Montana, we are already tracking three requests from legislators for bills and a resolution about wild buffalo.

Throughout the session, Buffalo Field Campaign will be providing timely updates, talking points, and ways for you to participate as advocates for our country’s last wild herds on our Buffalo Bill Tracker web page.

You, the people, have the power. It is the government that wields authority to shape and enforce the law. Buffalo Field Campaign will be calling on you to use your powers to help defend wild buffalo from another legislative onslaught. You can find information and tools to defend and advocate for wild buffalo on our Legislator Educator Initiative web page.

In making a phone call, sending testimony to a committee, participating in a hearing in person or by zoom, you can use your powers to act as a check and balance on Montana’s governing body.