LUSH loves buffalo and rallies for them with BFC on Mother's Day.LUSH loves buffalo and rallies for them
with BFC on Mother's Day.
Photo by Cindy, Buffalo Field Campaign.

LUSH Cosmetics is a sustainable business that creates homemade, cruelty-free, organic products and uses their business to help those who are helping the Earth.  

When you visit their web site, the first thing you see isn't products for sale, it's an enormous banner reading: “Keep Fossil Fuels In the Ground ~ Our Lives Depend On It.”   
LUSH stands firmly against animal testing and gives a portion of their profits and time to environmental causes. Since 2014 Buffalo Field Campaign has been a recipient of their generosity and friendship.  

LUSH supports meaningful causes around the globe. Through their “Charity Pot” cruelty-free hand and body lotion program, LUSH educates their customer base on humanitarian, environmental, and animal-rights organizations, while 100% of the proceeds from "Charity Pot" lotion goes to those organizations. Buffalo Field Campaign is very fortunate to be one of those organizations.  BFC and a picture of a buffalo are featured on some of the ‘Charity Pot’ lotions.  

Because LUSH staff want to get to know the groups they support, they visit and participate with chosen organizations. This week nineteen LUSH employees joined us at BFC for five incredible days. Get a load of all the great things they did to help the buffalo: 

  • They brought boundless energy and put it to great use on field patrols and helping out around BFC's cabin. 

  • They helped us with recons of Horse Butte and portions of Yellowstone National Park, lent a hand as we cleaned up our stretch of ‘Adopt a Highway’ on Highway 20, and participated in a Mother’s Day rally in West Yellowstone. 

  • They readied our garden for spring planting, cooked meals, and helped with just about everything you can imagine!   

We were able to accomplish a lot in a short period of time. 

news 2016 05 12 04 002 lushLUSH and BFC hit the streets of West Yellowstone.
Photo by Cindy, Buffalo Field Campaign.

Like all BFC volunteers, they gained a lot by being here. They spent time in the presence of buffalo on their chosen habitat. They had experiences they will never forget and will be able to share their stories when they return home. More than likely, there will be more than a few who return to volunteer in the future. Back home and at work, the LUSH folks who visited will be able to share their experience with customers every day.  

We are thankful that LUSH was willing to put together a trip to Buffalo Field Campaign. Hopefully, they will join us again and inspire their customers to join us too!     
Many thanks to BFC’s Clarence, Crow, and Natalie for being such excellent team leaders during LUSH’s inspiring stay, and to Grumbles for cooking so many amazing meals during their stay!