Protect Our National Mammal Billboard

People traveling west through Montana, where I-90 and I-94 merge, should be on the lookout for a special billboard, urging help for protecting the wild aspect of our national mammal, the Yellowstone herds.  

The web address will take people to a page that gives a brief description of the big difference between wild and domestic buffalo, highlights the ongoing mismanagement and endangered status of wild, migratory buffalo, and gives people a link to send a letter to Montana Governor Steve Bullock.  

The billboard will make its appearance on June 20, and will be up for four months, catching the eyes of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of highway travelers, many of whom will be headed to Yellowstone.  

These billboards are expensive, but are a great way to reach many people with a critical message. We also have an opportunity to put up a second billboard targeting travelers coming towards Yellowstone from lands south and west.  

We’ll share the web page in the next Update, and if you can help us raise some money to maintain this one and/or put up a second one, that would be wonderful!  

You can make a secure donation. If you’re traveling through this corridor and see the billboard, take a photo and share it with us.