Celebrate wild buffalo every day of the year with our seventh annual Wild Bison of Yellowstone Country calendar.  

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This year's edition is the most wonderful exploration yet of this country’s largest land mammal.  

Featuring stunning photos from generous professional photographers and BFC patrols, our 2017 calendar also features incredible artwork, interesting facts, and beautiful poetry and quotes. 


All proceeds from the calendar go directly to BFC’s front lines work defending and protecting America’s last wild buffalo. Support our work to help these gentle giants as you celebrate wild buffalo every day! 
Fall in love with the buffalo and strengthen your resolve to help protect them!  ORDER HERE

Wholesale Prices

For the first time, we are offering calendars at wholesale prices to those of you who want to purchase in bulk. Please help us help the buffalo and help yourself in the process! 

Do you own a small business? Does your friend, or neighbor or family member? Maybe you are part of another organization that needs some help fundraising? We want to offer you the opportunity to help us help the buffalo while also helping yourself by offering our 2017 calendar at the wholesale price to those who want to help us spread the word to protect the herds! 

Minimum order is 10 calendars for $70 plus $13.45 priority S&H ($83.45 total). The calendars sell retail for $12.95 so this deal would make you or your organization almost $50! But the more you order the better it gets!  
20 calendars for $120 plus $13.45 priority S&H ($133.45 total) can result in a profit of $125.55 
30 calendars for $180 plus $13.45 priority S&H ($193.45 total) can result in a profit of $195.05 
40 calendars for $240 plus $13.45 priority S&H ($253.45 total) can result in a profit of $264.55 
View our wholesale sheet HERE. 

Please send your check or money order, the number of calendars you want to order, and your USPS shipping address to:  

Buffalo Field Campaign 
PO Box 957 
West Yellowstone, MT 59758 

If you are interested in ordering more than 40 please contact Tara at 406-646-0070 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will figure out the shipping costs! 
As always, we are deeply grateful for all your help!