By BFC Co-Founder and Board President Mike Mease 

We’d like to give a special shout out to all the people who helped with our garage project.  

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Generous donations were made by Leon Aliski, Kerby Ann, and Howard Gleeson. We send special thanks to Bill Knox for most generously donating all the insulation we needed for the project. Bill has been following BFC's work since visiting our Yellowstone National Park outreach table more than ten years ago. When he saw our plea for construction supplies he answered immediately, making three separate trips from Idaho Falls with his family to personally deliver the insulation.

And huge thanks to all the folks who did the work to move and rebuild the garage: Peaches, Scott, Felix, Tony, Greg, Michelle, James, Don, Clarence, and all those I’m forgetting to name!  

Thank you so much for helping us complete this project before winter.   
With the Buffalo, 
Mike Mease