Buffalo Field Campaign urges Montana residents to vote Yes on I-177, prohibiting commercial and recreational trapping on public lands. Hundreds of thousands of concealed traps and snares endanger public lands and cause fear, trauma, injury and death to wildlife. Each year trappers report killing more than 52,000 animals in Montana, the true number being much higher since only one-third of ‘furbearer’ trappers return surveys. Traps kill endangered species. Lynx, wolverine, fisher, swift fox and pine marten have been driven to the brink of extinction by traps. Trapping takes an indiscriminate and deadly toll on all wildlife.

 2016 21 10 003 01 Montanans Vote Yes on I 177 this Election

As a part of BFC’s mission to protect the natural habitat of Buffalo and ALL native wildlife, we ask all Montanans to please vote Yes on 177. Help bring an end to the antiquated and barbaric pastime of animal trapping and send the message home that Montanans respect wildlife and want to protect habitat where they can roam freely.
“The leg-hold trap…is probably the most cruel device ever invented by man and is a direct cause of inexcusable destruction and waste of our wildlife.”
Dick Randall, former federal trapper, in a statement to U.S. Congress.