On Sunday, January 8 2017 a beautiful event took place near the town of West Yellowstone. Twenty bison came out of Yellowstone National Park and stepped hoof onto Highway 191. Just when we thought the bison were going to cross the road and meet the hunters waiting just on the other side, the bison turned North and marched their way toward Rainbow Point Road, which leads to the Horse Butte Peninsula. A group of local residents saw them and decided to act. These locals got together and guided the buffalo to a safe place, saving them from certain death at the hands of the hunters. It was certainly a day of victory for wild buffalo as the people of our community came together to help America's last genetically pure wild bison survive another day. The people of Horse Butte hold the buffalo in high esteem and by helping them have made life possible for future generations.


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This is one of the buffalo saved last Sunday by West Yellowstone residents.