We’ve added some crucial items to our wish list that will help BFC save money and remain effective in the field, the courts, and the policy arena!


2017 06 29 01 001 Welder


VEHICLE MAINTENANCE - Buffalo Field Campaign stretches every donation as far as we can. To mitigate having to outsource labor as much as possible we have some items that would greatly help reduce those maintenance costs. Our field patrol vehicles spend a lot of time on rough backcountry roads so a lot of work goes into keeping them up and running to document the actions that are carried out against the buffalo. Your help is greatly appreciated in our efforts to be a positive voice fighting for the rights of the last wild buffalo!

  1. Hobart Welding Equipment  
  2. Corresponding Welding Helmet


2017 06 29 01 002 Camera


VISUAL MEDIA -  Our media coordinator’s digital still camera has spent nine years in the field, capturing the photos you have come to know over the years. The thousands of hours of freezing temperatures, wind, rain, and dry dusty days have finally taken their toll. Like our video cameras, a good digital still camera is a very important weapon that allows us to capture the truth of what is happening to the buffalo, whether it’s the horrors from inside Yellowstone’s trap, the brutal reality of the current hunt, abusive hazing operations, or the joyful, peaceful times spent with the buffalo. Please grant our media coordinator the wish of this modest yet effective DSLR camera:

  1. Nikon D3400 Digital SLR Camera 


2017 06 29 01 003 Laptop


POLICY & ADMINISTRATION - We’re bringing a new executive director on board this summer, and he is going to need the right tools to aid him in his critical work for the campaign. This position oversees every aspect of BFC, keeping us functioning and guiding our decisions. You can ensure he’s equipped to be as effective as possible, whether at home, in the field, or on the road, by granting his wish for a laptop.

  1. Apple Mac Book Air