2018 01 04 03 004 NYE Benefit Netson CerberusRex 800
Cerberus Rex playing a heavy set of rock'n'roll. Photo by Trevor Netson.

Thank you for turning out for our New Year's Eve benefit concert in Boise, Idaho. We had a good turnout and raised a few hundred dollars for Buffalo Field Campaign.
We had a lot of old friends show up for the show and some new ones as well. There were plenty of guitars and the bands played all original music.

We would like to thank all of the bands who played, including Cerberus Rex, Brett Netson, Laika the Dog, URB, The Grand Rat King, and Lucid Aisle. All of the bands played excellent sets.

2018 01 04 03 003 NYE Benefit Cole Laika The Dog 800

Laika the Dog playing an interesting set with great vocals and intricate guitar playing. Photo by Ken Cole, Buffalo Field Campaign.


2018 01 04 03 001 NYE Benefit Cole Brett Netson 800

Brett Netson playing his Fender Strat and his Moog Foot Synth. Photo by Ken Cole, Buffalo Field Campaign.

The Netsons, Trevor (who set up the show), Demmi, and their father Brett, have been supporters of Buffalo Field Campaign for many years. Brett even has written Buffalo Field Campaign on his hand-made guitar amplifier that once appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman when he played with Built to Spill. Brett Netson came through at the last minute and put together a set where he played guitar, sang, and played a Moog Foot Synth. His kids and a friend, Jake Hite, each played drums alongside him.

2018 01 04 03 002 NYE Benefit Cole Brett Netson Amp 800
Brett Netson's hand-made amp. Photo by Ken Cole, Buffalo Field Campaign.