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On Saturday, January 20th, BFC and other wild buffalo advocates gathered at Yellowstone's Roosevelt Arch in Gardiner, Montana, joining in solidarity to send a strong message to Yellowstone National Park: Hey Yellowstone! Keep Your Trap Shut!

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It was a brisk, January day. BFC represented in full force during the government shut down, yet Park Service rangers were monitoring us like hawks. We were still comfortable expressing our first amendment rights, with a rally at the Roosevelt Arch, followed by a march through the town of Gardiner, showing our support to save wild buffalo from Yellowstone’s unnecessary slaughter and internment operations. All in all it was a great day. We had onlookers and many interested individuals taking flyers and calendars. A Saturday in January in Gardiner does not draw the number of people as it would in the height of summer tourist season, so turn out was expectedly low, but nonetheless it still felt like a victory for the buffalo.

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We have other rallies and events planned in the coming weeks, including a special rally to promote losing wild buffalo as a Species of Conservation Concern, and also our annual Week of Action. Please check out the details and try to make it if you can! (Event page).

With the Buffalo,
BFC Volunteer