2019 11 20 01 001 Road Show 1 BFC photo

After almost 6000 miles we have returned home to the land of the Buffalo. Once again thanks to everyone that helped make it all happen. If you are left out please don't be offended as we try our best to remember everyone but along the 5 week journey, sometimes things get lost or forgotten. Please know we love and respect everyone and that this road show would never happen without all of your help. Once again Mignon did the entire tour with us. For 7 years now we have been blessed with the gift of Mignon, the real star of our show, thank you. Greg ran the table and so much more again this year and I am honored to have you as a friend. The journey started way down in Telluride, CO library thanks to Ken, Ramona and Elissa. Next the Tribal Vision Festival Embudo, NM thanks to Jessica, Alexis, Chetanye, Roslyn and Westen. Pueblo, CO library thanks Amy and Warfields B&B. Longmont,CO Shupe Homestead thanks Amanda, Mark, Darla, Ken Claudia, Bill, Richard, Barbara and Save our St. Vrain Valley. Ward, CO library thanks Mike,Justine, Roman and the unbelievably great Ward community our southern home. Boulder, CO Patagonia thanks Alex, Bebe, Ricardo, Emma, Jullia, Annika, Kristal, Golden Hoof, Alice and Carl.

2019 11 20 01 002 Road Show 2 BFC Mignon Geli photo

Museum of Boulder Thia and Justine for pulling off one of the most beautiful events I have ever attended. Thanks to all the fine folks at the museum Emily, Megan, Jen and Lori. A pit stop granted us a shower, lunch and snacks from our family at Patagonia Reno, NV, thanks Rob. Nevada City, CA Miners Foundery Cultural Center Thanks to Nick, Skip, Marta, Craig, Barb, JB, Rhianon. Also performing at the event was are dear friend Goodshield, Mignon, Paul, Kamm and Eleanore MacDonald with special guests Mikail Graham. Chico, CA Pageant Theater thanks Miles and Kristy. Berkeley, CA The Art House Gallery and Cultural Center thanks Harold, Steve and Dianne. As always a very special thanks to our dear friend KP for hosting us in paradise and making sure we visit the Cannon school every year.

2019 11 20 01 003 Road Show 3 BFC photo

Thanks to all the students and teachers for always giving me hope for the future. Lorin and Matt for the gift of a Bucs game in LA. Also to Anne a new Buffalo supporter. Arcata, CA Arcata Playhouse first thanks to brother Tony and new Papa you always make it great. Gretta you make us always at home. Also thanks to Kandis, Sarah, and Eli. Corvallis, OR Native American Longhouse EENA Oregon State University, thanks Lulu and staff, Cassandra for the awaking music- Coyote and sharing your home, James as well. Eugene Environmental Film Festival Metro theater thanks Michelle, Lisa, Sarah, Andrew and Tim. Thanks for your help Pat and Terry (soap haven) during the events. Olympia, WA Traditions Cafe thanks Jody, Rick and Francine. Port Townsend, WA Quimper Grange thanks to Patrick, Peggy and Polly our new family members. Dancing to the grove the Unexpected Brass Band was a night I will never forget, we will be back to swing again. Our last show on Whidby Island, WA at the Langley Whale Museum has become an annual event and the Orca Network our Sister campaign, we love you all. Thanks to Susan, Wendy and all the great staff that make the evening memorable. Lisa and Allie for always giving us a home and friendship. Even Tom who caught the ferry to come see us. We will never forget all the great people and places we have had the honor to visit and share the message of the Buffalo. We could never do this without you. Thanks also for give me the honor of my life to stand with the Buffalo again this year, year number 23. May all the madness end soon and we balance the earth with the respect of equal rights for all species. My prayers continue to be put out of work but I will be here until the work is done.

With the Buffalo,
Mike Mease