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BFC Prez and Advisory Boardie, Justine and Thia, give special thanks to Museum of Boulder and all of our Amazing Sponsors for the opportunity to share the Beauty and Majesty of Wild Buffalo in Boulder.

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Now we are Ready to Roam! Please contact Justine at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find a new home for this multi-media fine art exhibit celebrating Wild Buffalo!

Wild Buffalo Museum Exhibit Photo Gallery

Bully On Broadway
Wild Buffalo in Boulder multi-media exhibit occupied the busy, downtown Boulder corner of Broadway and Pine for 4.5 months. During that time, hundreds of people viewed the exhibit, including multiple classrooms and tourists from all over the world! Thousands of commuters drove by Muse and saw "Bully" on their way to and from work!
Baby Banner 2
This little guy was Buffalo Field Campaign's first "legal" banner hang!
Entry Hall
Bully also welcomed folks into the gallery...and you often found BFC President, Justine Sanchez, there as well.
Proud Prez 2
Thias Oil Wall
Take a Walk with the Buffalo and a Walk Through the Exhibit (*these 5 shots give you a "walkthrough" of the exhibition room).
The Gallery
Safe Zone
Mural And Smalls
Buffalo Haze
Face HIde
When Buffalo Roamed
Yellow Skull White Buffalo
Touch And Feel
Furry Hooves
Mural Full View
BFC Advisory Board Member and Fine Artist, Thia Martin, and art teacher, Amanda Gress, painted this permanent mural For the Buffalo as well as led 2 youth art class series during our time at Muse. The students' final works (charcoals, prints, and sculptures) were on display in Muse's Google Garage for the last month of our exhibit. We were the inaugural Youth Art Program at the musuem as well!
Youth Charcoal
Youth Prints
Youth Sculptures
Google Garage 2