bfc James Horsley

March 30, 1938 – April 28, 2021

We, as a nation, are exercising a preference for a world-wide abundant domestic species over the last wild herd of native buffalo in existence today in the United States. Some scientists believe that if more slaughtering occurs and if another severe winter comes, this herd will collapse, that is, cease to exist.

This is a distinct population group both historically and due to its unique migratory nature, its migratory habits being molded by the region which it occupies.

A government policy favors the American Indian in relationship to the preservation of endangered species. Native Americans are given preference in the management of such things as habitat regarding endangered species.

It would thus make good common sense to include the Native American in any program aimed at stopping the destruction of this endangered distinct population group.

Based on the historical use of the region set aside for buffalo hunting for the American Indian tribes, namely, the area north of the Yellowstone River, the Petitioner requests that this region be considered as a habitat, a reserve allowing the buffalo the expression of its migratory instinct. Further, the Petitioner requests that the Native American be involved in the management of the Yellowstone buffalo to assure their survival.

James A. Horsley petition to Bruce Babbitt, Secretary of the Interior, to list the Yellowstone buffalo as endangered pursuant to the Endangered Species Act (January 5, 1999)