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As part of Buffalo Field Campaign, you are a member of a Family ~A Herd~ where each person is encouraged and given opportunities to help protect the Buffalo in their own unique way; from volunteering in the field to taking action online to donating monthly as part of our Buffalo Backbone Program, you can connect to place, wildlife, family, and purpose…and Be a Part of the Bigger Solution!

Your participation in BFC’s Buffalo Backbone Program goes directly to provide protection and advocacy for Wild Buffalo by sustaining the infrastructure necessary for your round-the-clock team of volunteers to track and monitor wild bison movements and health. In return, this subscription giving program offers you educational and outreach materials as well as regular engagements that connect you in real time to the Beauty of Nature and the Story of the Buffalo.

Within Buffalo Backbone, there are 4 Ways to connect and contribute!

Red Dog - Mission: Grow the Herd - $5/month

Yearling - Mission: Sustain the Community - $10/month

Herd Matriarch - Mission: Regenerate the Land - $20/month

Herd Bull - Mission: Heal the Earth - $25+/month

Whether you join as a Red Dog or Herd Bull, you will immediately begin to learn and engage within the Buffalo Backbone Program. (For full program description, visit our Buffalo Backbone Subscription Program page.)

Finally, our 12-acre headquarters in located in the heart of Buffalo Country and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, one of the last intact ecosystems in America. As a member of our family, you have a home where you can come for 2 days or 2 weeks or 2 months and connect to the Natural World & to our last wild migratory bison. Buffalo Backbone supporters sustain your Home Where the Buffalo Roam!

Buffalo are a Keystone Species, meaning they are vital to creating and maintain-ing biodiversity. Restoration of migratory buffalo ensures the regeneration healthy soils that are rich in carbon; the stratification or activation of native seeds; and the long-term viability of grassland & prairie ecosystems and the animals that depend on them. The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, where the buffalo wish to return, is the ideal place to let these Original Carbon Farmers Roam and Buffalo Backbone subscribers ensure they can do just that!

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