Buffalo Field Campaign is looking to hire a full time maintenance coordinator.

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Supervised By:  

Executive Director 

Works closely with:  

Director of Strategic Operations, Office Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinators, Media Coordinator, Kitchen Coordinator, Volunteers  

Position Overview:  

Responsible for building/property maintenance and for the on-site and serviced maintenance of all Field Patrol and Buffalo Field Campaign Use vehicles; Responsible for Special Project completion including budget approval; Team Member for Field Patrol Crew with potential to become a Lead Crew Member  

The Maintenance Coordinator, along with the Campaign and Office Coordinators, will plan, prioritize, and support the implementation of maintenance duties and special projects. The Maintenance Coordinator will perform these tasks with the Buffalo Field Campaign’s goals, vision, mission, and policies of stewardship and respect for the land. 

This is a fulltime position located in West Yellowstone, Montana. 

Start Date:


Responsibilities and Specific Duties: 

  • Responsible for building and cabin upkeep including maintenance and repair  
  • Experience in Carpentry, Plumbing, and Electrical Experience 
  • Desired experience in the use of wood stoves including chimney cleaning and chainsaw and ax use for firewood allocation and use  
  • Responsible for general car maintenance including oil changes, tire changing (w/machine), and putting chains on vehicles  
  • Responsible for winter condition maintenance including snow plowing, footpath clearance, and snow and ice loads on roofs  
  • Experience in removing and placing snow plow on truck 
  • Responsible for all tool maintenance and Hazardous Waste Disposal  
  • Responsible for building and property safety implementation including alarms, fire prevention, and accident prevention 
  • Responsible for completion of maintenance logs and assistance with property compliance reporting  
  • Participate in Field Operations; Preferred experience includes experience with Wildlife or Buffalo, Outdoor experience including Hiking, Cross-Country Skiing, or Snowshoeing, or Highway Safety experience  
  • Practice Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) principles in all professional responsibilities (work and volunteer) and in BFC communication  


This position requires that you live on-site and offers a cabin at employee benefit rate at campaign headquarters or free housing within the Lodge.   


Position requires experience in tool use, experience in the assessment, management, and resolution of repairs, and experience working with cars; Ability to be point person for maintenance needs in all areas of the Buffalo Field Campaign’s Operations; Preferred skills include advanced training in mechanics, carpentry, electrical work, or plumbing; Conservation Land Use Planning Experience; Renewable Energy Experience   

Volunteering for Campaign:

If a bison protection related or BFC-initiated activity does not fall under the duties of this position, it may be undertaken at the discretion of the Maintenance Coordinator and Supervisor(s) or Executive Director on a volunteer basis. 

Hours and Compensation:

This is a full-time position not to exceed 40 hours per week. Pay is $13.50.

$13.50/hr. - 40 hrs./wk
4 weeks vacation
Holiday Schedule
Cabin offered at employee benefit rate or free housing in the Lodge
All meals included
Free internet


Please send a resume to Angela De Sapio at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (406) 646-0070