Iris Owen Buffalo Field Campaign Board of DirectorsI was born in Berea, Kentucky, where I was the fifth generation raised on the same family farm. After finishing high school in 1999, I came to Montana to volunteer for Buffalo Field Campaign and have been a volunteer, supporter, and board member ever since. My husband is from Troy, Montana, and we have lived in Missoula for the last twelve years.

I graduated from the University of Montana with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. I am a practicing Certified Public Accountant, and have been with the accounting firm Anderson ZurMuehlen, for eight years. I practice tax accounting and specialize in nonprofits.

It is wish pleasure that I’ve supported Buffalo Field Campaign for over 16 years, and been the Treasurer of the Board of Directors since 2008. I also volunteer for a few other nonprofits in Missoula, mostly by providing accounting services for charity auctions and fundraisers.

My husband and I have adorable twin daughters and a Boston Terrier named Bosco. We are raising our daughters to be future activists, volunteers, and nonprofit supporters. We look forward to the day they are old enough to go on their first “kiddie patrol” at the campaign. Our family motto is “We can do it all!”

The Yellowstone buffalo are some of the most amazing wildlife I’ve ever witnessed in person. They are strong, beautiful creatures that deserve to be wild and roam free in their native habitat. I joined the cause to protect them early in my life and it has changed the course of my life. I wouldn’t be the same person if I’d never joined the Buffalo Field Campaign family.


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