$50K Fundraiser!
Headquarters’ electrical safely restored ~ Patrols roadside ~ Let buffalo roam!

bfc recharged and ready for the roadside facebook

Buffalo Field Campaign uniquely offers a home to people who wish to connect with the Buffalo. Our headquarters, a historic log cabin lodge, is a learning center, an operations hub and a warm, safe place for our staff, volunteers, and interns to rest after a day out on patrol for the last wild bison. Our lodge is an indispensable multi-use center of our work and a home for our community of supporters and non-profit partners document the story of wild buffalo; the joys and successes as well as the heartbreaks and roadblocks.

To ensure the necessary safety of our staff and volunteers, aka our BFC family, we invested in upgrading the electrical system of our lodge this year. This work, having been completed earlier this month, involved upgrading the wiring of the lodge with an office, media cabin, and six residential cabins.

With an expenditure of just under $50,000 after 25+ years of operation and housing thousands of volunteers, the upgrade ensures the safety of our BFC family and the future operation of our vital headquarters.

Please take a look at these wonderful photos to see the results!

bfc kitchen electrical 2024
bfc Main Cabin Electrical 2024
bfc Post Office Electrical 2024
bfc Volunteer Kitchen Electrical 2024

The work was done by a reputable and locally owned business that managed costs for us while making sure their staff was also well taken care of. The owner expressed gratitude for our work of protecting the buffalo and noted the kindness and helpfulness of our onsite coordinators and volunteers.

We are reaching out to you for your support to recoup the $50,000 spent on the infrastructure improvements. Your contribution will help us refill our coffers as we – at this time of the year - shift our operations to highway and community safety here in West Yellowstone. As the buffalo family groups (now) migrate along the Madison River, the fatalities caused by vehicle-buffalo collisions on Highway 191 are of significant concern to us. It is empowering to work with our neighbors and our community to ensure safe passage.


Just as we worked with our small business neighbor to ensure a safe harbor for our staff and volunteers, we ask you to invest in the campaign, as we move to the roadside to help keep buffalo alive and motorists aware.