Partner with Buffalo Field Campaign and help save the buffalo!

Buffalo Brew - West Des Moines, Iowa

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Buffalo Brew Coffee, LLC is a new coffee roasting company based in West Des Moines, Iowa. Launched in November 2020. Buffalo Brew Coffee is an environmentally conscious organization committed to minimizing our environmental footprint. Buffalo Brew Coffee partnered with Mountain High JZ Coffee to source a portion of the beans that make up a new roast for Buffalo Field Campaign.  Mountain High JZ Coffee is the sole importer and producer of exclusive Guatemalan Specialty Coffees in Iowa.

Buffalo Brew Coffee will graciously donate 5% of the proceeds from each 12 ounce and each 16-ounce bag of the “BFC Blend” purchased by customers from Buffalo Brew Coffee’s website.  AND look for the launch of BFC's new monthly supporter program (coming August 2021) and receive Buffalo Brew's newly named BFC Blend as a Gift when you sign up!

Learn more about the roast and the naming contest...