american bison a species of conservation concern

Why do we fight for habitat standards for American bison in the Custer Gallatin National Forest land management plan?

For the simple reason standards are enforceable by the people. It is a check and balance held by the people on future decisions the Forest Service will make affecting our National Forests.

But standards must be written as binding and mandatory: thou must, thou must not. Standards constrain Forest Service decision makers, keeping them on track to fulfill an obligation or duty owed.

Every other component in the Custer Gallatin land management plan -- desired conditions, guidelines, goals, monitoring requirements -- is the prerogative of the Forest Service alone.

These components lack a public lever to reverse a bad decision. Without standards, bad decisions may stand for decades until the next land management plan comes along.

Without standards for American bison, what happens under the Custer Gallatin land management plan is decided solely by the Forest Service.

We need your help in securing two important standards in the Custer Gallatin's land management plan: The final alternative must include a standard providing habitat for a viable population of American bison, and a standard for restoring connectivity to habitat for American bison.

This is why we fight for standards for American bison on our National Forests.

Before I sign off on the importance of securing standards, I want to draw your attention to our web page Species of Conservation Concern where you will find helpful information on how to file your objection. We have also updated our draft objections for you to draw from. Only 13 days remain to become an objector.

Thank you for helping fight for standards protecting American bison habitat, and securing a legacy for the migratory giants to freely roam our National Forests.

Nitsíniiyi'taki, Pidamaya, Thank you.

Darrell Geist, habitat coordinator
Buffalo Field Campaign
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