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So, you want to make a difference for the bison of Yellowstone national park?

You can help save the last wild buffalo by providing the supplies and provisions that support their defense in both field and office!

This wish list offers a great way for you to match your personal interests to specific buffalo protection operational needs. You decide how you want to make your own positive impact!

Do you love to cook but can’t make it to the BFC basecamp to help? Maybe you can send in some food or cooking supplies—or recipes!

wish list kitchen
Or maybe you are an avid hiker, but can’t get to Montana to join the buffalo defense patrols? Sending in some binoculars or clothing will allow you to support those activities!

We also know lots of you are “nerds” and might love to help in our office…but can’t take the time off work. If you want to support that kind of buffa-love, you’ll find lots of office, tech, and media gear on this list that would enhance the kinds of things you might do if you were here!

In any case: we update this list periodically, so please check back for new options or feel free to call us at the number listed below. Please ship items to: BFC, PO Box 957, West Yellowstone, MT 59758, or contact us if USPS services are not an option for you.

Questions?  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 406-646-0070.

The fine print: Donations of material items are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the IRS. Please check with your accountant or tax preparer.

icon Amazon Wishlist sepia 100xIn addition to the items listed below, please check out our wishlist on Amazon. Register BFC as your Amazon Smile donation recipient and BFC will receive a monetary contribution for everything you buy.



Wish Lists

* Perhaps most of all, we wish for you to join us. Are you able to share your time, skills, and energy, by volunteering with us in the field to defend the buffalo?

Kitchen Wishes

Camp Maintenance Wishes

Patrol/Volunteer Wishes

  • Lamp oil: must be for indoor use only and function in freezing conditions.
  • Large, long lasting candles- lead free please.
  • Phone cards.
  • Rechargeable Batteries: AA and AAA Batteries.
  • Sleeping bags, pillows, and wool blankets.
  • Battery-operated alarm clocks

Bicycles and bike wishes

  • Wrenches: headset, pedal, wrench, and cone wrenches.
  • Crank puller.
  • Cable cutters.
  • Cassette/free wheel tools
  • Chain lube.
  • Chain brush.
  • 26" tubes.
  • Tube patches and glue
  • AND we also gladly accept bicycle donations!

Media Wishes

Office Wishes

Patrol Gear Wishes

  • Thermal bottoms, all sizes: polypropylene, capilene, or wool; no cotton please.
  • NOLS Med Kit 4.0
  • Wound Irrigation Kit
  • Wool pants, mid and heavy duty, all sizes. Wool pants keep our volunteers warm and dry, and volunteers come in all shapes and sizes - check your local surplus store.
  • Compact tripods
  • Gaiters: waterproof full-length/over-the-calf, large sizes (to fit over pack boots).
  • NNN and NNN BC Ski boots and bindings:  all women's sizes; men's sizes 8.5-15.
  • Snowshoes.
  • Back country and Touring skis. NNN and NNN BC bindings
  • Sorrel style winter boots and liners: especially all women's sizes and men's large sizes.
  • Mitts and gloves. 
  • Shoe laces - 60 inch round heavy duty laces

Vehicle Maintenance Wishes

  • Gift cards to O'Reilly's Auto Parts
  • Gift cards to Napa Auto Parts 406-646-7473
  • Gift cards to Jake's Automotive (West Yellowstone, MT): 406-646-9500. These will help cover vehicle maintenance, parts, and repairs.
  • Blizzak tires for patrol vehicles
  • 4-Wheel Drive Vehicles (Subaru or diesel)
  • Vehicle makers: BFC can field test electric vehicles in a harsh climate and mountainous terrain--and we'll do if free of charge!

Education and Outreach Wishes

  • 12-foot Backyard Theater System
  • Four season camping tents: 2-4 person.
  • Collect your friends’ email addresses, and (with their permission!) share them with us so we can add them to our email list and keep them informed of our important buffalo defense work!

This page last updated on: August 2016


Amazon Wish List

As you purchase items on Amazon, please consider doing a little shopping for BFC, too!

You will find a whole list of “buffalo defense” items on this

Amazon Wishlist



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BFC's goal is to stop the slaughter and harassment of Yellowstone's wild buffalo herds, protect the natural habitat of wild free-roaming buffalo and native wildlife, and to work with people of all Nations to honor the sacredness of wild buffalo. learn more yellow 2

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