A Historic Tribal Buffalo Summit to discuss tribal co-management of the Yellowstone buffalo.

The time is now: Yellowstone Treaty tribes must protect the last wild Buffalo

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“The American bison is inextricably intertwined with Indigenous culture, grassland ecology and American history.… the [Department will help] restore this iconic species and integrate Indigenous Knowledge into our shared stewardship goals.” 

Secretary of the Department of the Interior, Deb Haaland

On National Bison Day!
Saturday and Sunday
November 4 & 5

Shoshone Bannock Casino & Hotel
Fort Hall, Idaho

*Summit is by invitation only

Buffalo Field Campaign (BFC) has protected and defended wild Buffalo since 1997. As part of our ongoing advocacy for alternative, holistic management plans, we hold this Summit in response to Haaland’s call for tribal co-management.

At this historic Tribal Buffalo Summit, BFC aims to develop a united vision on the management of Yellowstone bison, collaboratively conceived by Yellowstone tribes. All 29 state and federally recognized Treaty tribes are encouraged to join and contribute.


Saturday, November 4

Presentation from each tribe. Tribal cultural historians will present their tribe’s unique relationship with the sacred bison.

Sunday, November 5

Tribes will craft a framework for tribal co-stewardship and implementation on the ground, within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.


James Holt
Executive Director, Nez Perce
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J. Dallas Gudgell
Board Member, Dakota
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Read the press release: Tribes to Consider Asserting Primary Jurisdiction over Yellowstone Bison, June 26, 2023

Please Considering Supporting this Historic Summit

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Our goal is to raise $50,000 by October 31 for the Venue, Lodging, Food, and Honorariums (travel, per diem, etc). We are halfway there! Thanks to those who have donated!