The Buffalo Field Campaign welcomes the Wiconi Wakan Youth Camp August 14th - August 19th for our Tribal Youth Outreach Program!

Buffalo Field Campaign is honored to host Wiconi Wakan Youth Group from the Oglala Lakota Nation located at Pine Ridge, SD. We continue our tribal outreach efforts by offering inter-disciplinary opportunities that facilitate cultural learning, allows access to the beautiful Yellowstone Ecosystem, and educates them on wild bison ecology.

Visiting tribal groups will experience a robust, impactful environment focused on our National Mammal as a keystone species. The Campaign respects the buffalo lifeways central to tribal culture, and is grateful we can provide a camp welcoming to all tribes and for introductory and advanced learning for all youth. Similarly, we look forward to learning from the Oglala people.



bfc wiconi wakan youth group

Wiconi Wakan (Life is Sacred) Youth Movement is a grassroots movement established in the #4/Payabya Community on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Their mission is to empower our youth through personal development, creating opportunities and community service.

The youth group is raising $4,532.00 for their travel expenses.

How to make a donation:
1) Online: Write "Wiconi Wakan" in the "In Honor of" dedication line
2) Check: Write "Wiconi Wakan" in the memo line
3) Phone: We can accept donations over the phone at (406) 646-0070.
4) If they would like to sign-up to be a Buffalo Guardian or Buffalo Backbone Subscriber, we will also donate the first year of monthly donations to the Wiconi Wakan Youth Camp. Please call or email to donate / (406) 646-0070 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Donations accepted on BFC’s website and via check!

Please write: Wiconi Wakan in the Honor Line or Check Memo Line

Buffalo Field Campaign
PO Box 957
West Yellowstone, Montana 59758

Donations can also be made at GoFundMe

100% of the donation goes to the Wiconi Wakan Youth Movement - Pine Ridge Indian Reservation


Travel Costs - Transportation

$1,850 x 2 passenger vans= $3,700


1280 miles round trip x 2 passenger vans = 2,560 miles @ 16 miles per

gallon @ $5.20 per gallon = $832

$3,700.00 + $ 832.00