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Join the Herd!
Become a Red Dog, Yearling, Herd Matriarch, or Herd Bull with a monthly subscription!

As part of Buffalo Field Campaign, you are a member of a Family~A Herd~ where each person is encouraged & given opportunities to help protect the Buffalo in their own unique way; from volunteering in the field to taking action online to donating monthly as part of our Buffalo Backbone Program, you can connect to place, wildlife, family, and purpose…and Be a Part of the Bigger Solution!

Your participation in BFC’s Buffalo Backbone Program goes directly to provide protection and advocacy for Wild Buffalo by sustaining the infrastructure necessary for your round-the-clock team of volunteers to track and monitor wild bison movements and health. In return, this subscription giving program offers you educational and outreach materials as well as regular engagements that connect you in real time to the Beauty of Nature and the Story of the Buffalo.

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Red Dog $5/month donation
Red Dog
  • Weekly Update from the Field
  • Access to a mid-season and post-season webinar
  • Buffalo Backbone “Potluck” produced by BFC and featuring Buffalo Allies and Wildlife Experts. Get an insider’s look at the importance of wild migratory buffalo and the work of BFC to restore wild bison to their native habitat across the nation!
  • Podcast Alerts: First “Listens” to our BFC podcasts with reminder emails on when to tune in
  • Two fun buffalo stickers to demonstrate you are part of the Buffalo Backbone Program
  • One 12 ounce bag of Roam Free Roast: organic, fair trade medium roast coffee made by BFC strategic partner and small business, Coffalo Coffee Roasters (formerly Buffalo Brew). Made for BFC as part of our Backbone!
  • Email action alerts that takes you into the action and part of the solution, For the buffalo!

Yearling $10/month donation


Includes all of the amazing features of our Red Dog level PLUS

  • Immediate enrollment for BFC Executive Director’s, James Holt (Nimiipuu Tribe), On the Buffalo Trail emails.
  • Book: In the Presence of Buffalo: Working to Stop the Yellowstone Slaughter, by Dan Brister (BFC’s founding executive director)
  • BFC T-shirt to show your support and spread the word to save the herds!
  • BFC Calendar, a celebration of wild and free buffalo!

Herd Matriarch $20/month donation
Herd Matriarch

Includes all the amazing fea- tures of BOTH Red Dog and Yearling levels PLUS

  • Personal monthly email, the Inner View, during the field season (Nov 15-May 31) from the President of the Board Justine Sanchez with an insider’s look at programs and field patrols.
  • One 16 ounce bag (up from 12 ounces) of Roam Free Roast: organic, fair trade medium roast coffee made by BFC strategic partner and small business, Buffalo Brew Coffee Roasters, For the Buffalo and as part of our Backbone!
  • BFC tote bag to show your support, spark interest and conversation, and help to spread the word to save the herds!

Herd Bull $25+/month donation

Herd Bull

Includes all the amazing features of Red Dog, Yearling, & Herd Matriarch levels PLUS

  • Where the Buffalo Roam Immersion: 2 days and 2 nights with the Buffalo! Includes Yurt & Bunkhouse lodging (camping available), meals, and an extensive tour of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem facilitated by veteran BFC Coordinators where we share the political, environmental and personal stories of the Buffalo and from the field.
  • Where the Buffalo Roam Immersion is a one time offering that can be done within the first 5 years of the subscription date. Bring a guest on your Buffalo Immersion by considering a) subscription of $35/month or add a one time suggested donation of $250. If more than two guests, please consider adding $100 per person.
  • BFC understands that volunteering for 2 weeks or 2 months can be out of reach. Come for 2 days to Learn the issue, Connect with the Buffalo, and Take Action in the field. We will work with you to accommodate special needs, intensify your training and field education, & ensure you get involved in campaign life!

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