What single most important action will save the wild buffalo?

Repealing Montana Code Annotated § 81-2-120 (MCA 81-2-120). Because without MCA 81-2-120 on the books:

  • The spigot of taxpayer dollars would stop flowing to Dept. of Livestock operations removing wild buffalo in Montana.
  • Yellowstone National Park would lose its’ public justification for trapping wild buffalo for slaughter inside the park.
  • New born buffalo calves and their mothers would no longer be harassed by government agents from spring calving grounds.
  • Wild buffalo would roam millions of acres of National Forest habitat surrounding Yellowstone National Park.
  • The opportunity for naturally recovering buffalo in the wild would have a chance of succeeding.

Our Legislator Educator Initiative page is about providing you the information and tools to begin the hard work of persuading Montana’s elected officials MCA 81-2-120 has gotta go.

Never lose sight of what needs to be done: REPEAL MCA 81-2-120. Keep repeating the message to elected officials, REPEAL MCA 81-2-120, every chance you get.

Below you’ll find various ways to help save wild buffalo. In everything you do for the buffalo in conjunction with BFC please be respectful to those you seek to influence.


Send a Message to Governor Gianforte
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The law enabling Livestock Dept. control over wild buffalo
Information about MCA 81-2-120


A common sense alternative for Montana
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Ranchers fear disease but only in wildlife
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In a nutshell
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Identify who represents you
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