Buffalo Field Campaign Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Buffalo Field Campaign (BFC) is composed of experienced grassroots activists, Native Americans, filmmakers, photographers, and representatives from the scientific, conservation, and business communities.

BFC’s Board Members are the keepers of our charitable mission and purpose.

They are integrally involved in organizational strategy and oversight, and serve BFC and the buffalo in the following ways: monitor and strengthen field, legislative, and legal efforts; evaluate effectiveness of BFC activities; participate in the development of organizational planning and policy; ensure adequate financial resources and fiscal oversight; ensure ethical integrity and legal compliance; enhance BFC's standing with the public; and so much more.


Buffalo Field Campaign Co-founder Mike MeaseCo-Founder Mike Mease, in front of the teepee he lived in throughout his first 12 years of service as a defender of buffalo.


The composition of the board, whose members are elected for two-year terms, is strategically planned to reflect a broad range of scientific and other relevant expertise, with all members having a strong and demonstrated commitment to the protection of wild buffalo and habitat.

Meet our Board:

Kasi Crocker

Kasi Crocker - Secretary

J Dallas Gudgell

Dallas Gudgell - Vice President

Heidrun Kubiessa

Heidrun Kubiessa - Treasurer

mike mease bio 300

Mike Mease - Cofounder