There is so much to know and learn about this precious last herd of wild buffalo.

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buffalo basics

ABC’s of Buffalo

bison hoof trackBison or buffalo?
bison hoof trackWild or domestic?
bison hoof trackHabitat
bison hoof trackEconomic Impact

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Native Americans

Indigenous people

bison hoof trackPerspective and history
bison hoof trackPopulation timeline
bison hoof trackEconomics of slaughter
bison hoof trackGovernment policy

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Buffalo Problems

Hard life ain't easy

bison hoof trackHuman Control
bison hoof trackHabitat threats
bison hoof trackLivestock Diseases
bison hoof trackIUCN Opinions

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Buffalo Slaughter

Under Assault

bison hoof trackPhilosophy for killing
bison hoof trackLivestock industry
bison hoof trackTribal voice ignored
bison hoof trackSlaughter numbers

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