Buffalo Field Campaign is requesting the state of Montana and Yellowstone National Park evaluate managing wild buffalo like wild elk on public lands in Montana.

billboard MCA 81 2 120

Billboard design: Cindy Rosin.  Special thanks to artist Cindy Rosin for designing our billboard. In addition to her artistic talent, Cindy is a dedicated, long-time volunteer for Buffalo Field Campaign.
Photo credit: Sandy Sisti, photographer.  You can see more of Sandy’s wildlife and nature photography in Buffalo Field Campaign’s calendars, and on her web site.


You may have seen or heard about the billboard that kicks off our “Legislator Educator Initiative.” Our billboard is just one part of a vast effort we are making throughout the winter. Why? Because the only wild buffalo in the United States are in serious danger again. In fact, as you read this, it is likely that buffalo are being killed! RIGHT NOW!

Montana! Save some dollars & make some sense.
Manage wild buffalo like wild elk!

Sadly, Yellowstone National Park will soon begin their absurd, taxpayer-funded “trapping for slaughter” operations. Why? Because they intend to kill hundreds of wild Yellowstone buffalo in the coming weeks in order to appease Montana’s powerful livestock industry.

These cruel, harmful actions are completely unnecessary and there is a simple and effective alternative: Montana could manage wild buffalo like wild elk!

BFC has developed a cost-saving, common sense alternative to replace the costly, heavy-handed, tax-wasting, bureaucratic mess called the Interagency Bison Management Plan. This can be done once MCA 81-2-120 is repealed.

BFC presented our proposal to Montana’s Governor and Yellowstone National Park's Superintendent in June 2015.
These folks obviously need your voice in their ears to support the common-sense idea of managing wild buffalo like wild elk.

The buffalo in Yellowstone are unique and distinct. They're the only wild, migratory herds surviving in their original territory and carry the wildlife species’ legacy for future generations and should be treated as such!


Managing wild buffalo like wild elk in Montana, cover letter (PDF 510kb).
Managing wild buffalo like wild elk in Montana, Executive Summary (PDF 155kb).
Managing wild buffalo like wild elk in Montana, Proposal (PDF 898kb).


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