Good day wonderful people. I hope this newsletter finds you and your loved ones warm and content. The Winter Solstice is a time for me to be grateful, to show my appreciation for everything that blesses my path and that of Buffalo Field Campaign. 2021 was a difficult yet productive year for the organization. With the leadership of our Board of Directors and the expertise of our dedicated staff, not only did we weather the storms of adversity, but we advanced our mission. Like the Yellowstone bison, we require resilience, wisdom, and experience to guide us forward. Ours is a legacy of grassroots empathy and courage. I celebrate this path that brings us together to stand with our National Mammal. You, our wonderful supporters, donors, and funders, are the backbone by which we stride boldly forward.

2021 12 27 01 001 Buffalo snow

This past year we stood together as the State of Montana enacted horrible legislation against wild bison. Further, you helped elevate our stance to federal legislators and elected officials, calling for sanity in the management of wild Yellowstone bison. We unified our voices to federal agencies as we demanded transparent, appropriate management of our public trust wildlife and wild places. The ecosystem outside the Yellowstone National Park boundary is empty of wild, migratory bison, and we continue to stand together.

It takes generosity by others for us to finance our operations. Our generous donors and funders have stood by our side as we have overcome the hardships associated with the coronavirus outbreak. Many services, events, and programs were slowed or cut across the country. Through it all donors and funders supported our mission and programming. Wonderful organizations such as The Cottonwood Foundation, LUSH, Patagonia, and the Chacruna Institute, have stepped up during these times of uncertainty. Institutions such as these and people all over the world who see the importance of wild bison have stood by us with grace and honor. I thank you all from the depths of my heart.

2021 12 27 01 002 Cratering buffalo

As the Campaign continues to review and advance our programming, we do so with decades of monitoring and advocacy expertise. In this, our 25th season, we pause for a moment to reflect and appreciate the journey. We continue to ensure our mission is honored and the voices of our supporters are heard. We believe in the power of the people, and of our right to engage in civic discourse with elected officials. We are grassroots. The people power us forward. Your strength, courage, empathy, and support, propel us to new heights as we speak for wild Yellowstone bison. Until wild bison roam freely throughout the land, our work is not done.

Our Field Season is full swing and volunteers are out on patrol. Yellowstone bison remain in quarantine. Their right to roam free has been taken by federal agents. The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is still absent of wild, migratory bison. The Campaign continues to call on federal agencies to fix this failure of bison policy. As I reflect on 2021, I can’t help but keep grounded in what is happening today. We have work to do, and I am honored to share these crucial efforts with you. I wish only peace and prosperity for you and your loved ones, as we continue on the buffalo trail. Happy Holidays.

For the Buffalo,

James Holt Sr.

Executive Director, Buffalo Field Campaign