BFC would like to thank Tori Biffle from Boulder Country Day for her Wild Bison Middle School Internship grassroots service initiative! Tori tabled in Colorado for us collecting $285.00 in donations for us for a new set of binoculars in addition to creating a "Water Bottle, Winter Gloves and Hats, and Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate Drive" on our behalf!

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During her recent field visit, we prepared for her presentation for her year-long project for her school. And she is keeping her BFC Tabling Kit to continue to table for us throughout the summer and into next year! Tori and her mom, Linley, also filled the Field Patrol cannister to the brim with field snacks!

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Read their Update from the Field below:

"Thank you for a day in the life of the Buffalo Field Campaign! Tori and I learned so much and we really enjoyed meeting all of you. Tori couldn't stop talking about how much she liked all of you on our way home, how everyone contributed in their way and all the different personalities working toward the common goal of helping the bison.

We had the excitement of helping three bison cross the highway and the sadness of the one going down by hunt and many getting captured in Yellowstone and sent to slaughter, that's some emotional work there and you do it everyday! The BFC is doing a wonderful thing helping these animals that aren't able to advocate for themselves, keep up the great work and we will continue to support you. Thank you for feeding us too, the food was superb and Angela we appreciate you taking the time for all the informative meetings with Tori this year!

Take care and maybe we will see you all up there again, also, I am sending another email with some photos from our trip!"

~ Linley and Tori Biffle

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