Wild Buffalo, Grizzly Bears, Prairies, and Water: We Are All Connected. These are not separate issues, but vital organs of life's intricate tapestry, which is quickly being torn to shreds by the dominant culture. An estimated 200 species are lost every day to extinction. That is not a typo nor an exaggeration.

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When we try to remember a time when tens of millions of wild buffalo roamed freely over vast seas of unbroken grasslands, shaking the earth with the drumming of their hooves, the buffalo were simply buffalo, the water was clear and safe to drink, grizzly bears were at home on the plains, prairie dogs could feel the breath of the buffalo blow through their fur; the grasses and humans sang welcoming songs for the buffalo. There was no wild and no domestic, no threatened or endangered, no oil spills or bottled water. Fences, highways, traps, dams, oil pipelines - these things couldnt even be imagined. There was the land, water, and the people - human and more-than-human, all living in symbiotic relationship, as a community, with reciprocity and graceful mindfulness, each enriching the others' existence.

These relationships have been and continue to be severed by the invasion of the dominant culture. The remnants of those who are left are fragmented and controlled, divided so as to be conquered. One last stronghold of buffalo remains in and around Yellowstone, continuously threatened with death and domestication. The first grizzly bears to make a home on this continent are barely hanging on by a thread in the face of our rapidly changing climate. Prairie  communities, the ancestral home of both buffalo and grizzly bears, are one of the most endangered habitats on the planet as bulldozers make way for shopping malls, industrial agriculture, subdivisions and pipelines. All over the country the water,  the ingredient for life is becoming flammable. We have lost much, but not all, and the people are fighting back. We urge you to join in solidarity with us. From wherever you are we ask you to join us on the front lines, find what you love and fight to protect it. Buffalo Field Campaign stands in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and all the protectors fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline. We stand in solidarity with Save the Yellowstone Grizzly, Hey Bear ~ GOAL Tribal Coalition, and other warriors working to keep and strengthen federal protections for Yellowstone grizzly bears. Wild buffalo, grizzly bears, prairies, and water. We are all connected!