2019 09 12 Welcome James

James Holt, BFC’s new Executive Director. We are so blessed!

With much pride and honor, I would like to announce our new Executive Director, James Holt. James has been a friend and wisdom-filled advise giver to me for over 10 years. A member of the Nez Perce (Nimiipuu) Tribe, James initiated the exertion of Nez Perce treaty rights pertaining to the Yellowstone buffalo over a decade ago. He has been fighting for the Buffalo for years before that as well. James has served on BFC’s Board of Directors, and has been the Board’s Vice President for over a year. He brings Buffalo Field Campaign a strong connection to the importance of the Buffalo to so many native tribes. Having James guide the ship ensures our concerns and involvement with tribes stays and continues to be strong. Having had the honor of starting this campaign with Rosalie Little Thunder, I know she is smiling with the hiring of James Holt. Learn more about James and his work for the buffalo.

I am a man that looks for signs to tell me if this was the right decision. Just after BFC Board President Justine Sanchez and I talked about hiring James, I went on a hike to see the buffalo during the rut and saw my first ever pure white wolf, which is very rare. That gift was followed by an 800-plus Buffalo herd in full rut chorus, back in a valley where we were the only humans. I felt like a member of the herd and the peace let me know BFC is on the right track. The day we hired James, I was visited by a grizzly bear and that let me know we made the right choice. I look forward to working with James to make the long overdue changes to bring our brother Buffalo back to their original home all over Turtle Island, the continent of North America. Thank you, James, for being such an amazing part of our Buffalo family.

With the Buffalo,
Mike Mease