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          HB 522

          Title: Provide landowner preference bison tags for landowners near YNP
          Bill Text:
          Sponsor: Marty Malone (R) HD 59
          Status: Hearing in the Senate Fish and Game Committee Room 422 at 3 PM (MST) 3/23/2023. Please send your comments opposing HB 522 today. Executive action will likely be taken on Tuesday, March 28 around 3 PM (MST).

          Watch the Hearing Live (HB 522 begins at 15:14:35)

          Bill summary: House Bill 522 preferentially allocates an additional 15% of Montana-issued tags to a class of private landowners and corporations to hunt buffalo on private lands.

          Talking Points:

          • Montana has no claim for hunting buffalo.
          • Montana manages for the elimination of migratory buffalo — not for self-sustaining populations like it does for elk, deer, and antelope.
          • Creates an exclusive privilege for a class of private landowners to be preferentially given a tag to hunt buffalo.
          • Creates an unheard-of and exclusive privilege for corporations — via a shareholder — to be preferentially given a tag to hunt buffalo.
          • According to Fish, Wildlife & Parks approximately 87 landowners and corporations are eligible for the additional buffalo tags.

          BFC Testimony:
          Buffalo Field Campaign comments on HB 522: Do Not Pass (Download the PDF)
          Wild Bison Drawing in Montana (2004-2022) (Download the PDF)

          bfc thumbs down orange

          Resolution: SJ 14

          Title: Resolution opposing bison introduction at Charles M. Russell Wildlife Refuge
          Bill Text:
          Sponsor: Mike Lang (R) SD 17
          Status: Hearing in the House Fish, Wildlife & Parks Committee Room 172 at 3 PM (MST) 3/23/2023. Please send your comments opposing SJ 14 today. Executive action will likely be taken on Tuesday, March 28 around 3 PM (MST).

          Watch the Hearing Live (SJ 14 begins at 15:46:40)

          Talking Points:

          • Montanans favor restoring wild buffalo on public (75%) and tribal lands (78%) (Tulchin Research, Jan. 7, 2015, Download the PDF).
          • 70% of Montanans support restoring a wild buffalo population in and around the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge (Moore Information Feb. 23-24, 2011, Download the PDF).
          • Buffalo are a native “species of concern” and considered to be “at risk” of extirpation in Montana (Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, June 2011, Download the PDF).
          • Montana has a duty to manage for the recovery of sensitive species (MCA 87-1-201) “in a manner that prevents the need for listing” as an endangered species (MCA 87-5-107).

          BFC Testimony:
          Buffalo Field Campaign comments on SJ 14: Do Not Pass (Download the PDF)