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Without any government bullies pressuring them, all of the buffalo who were enjoying freedom on Horse Butte and surrounding lands have migrated to their summer habitat inside Yellowstone National Park. After all the years of being relentlessly chased from their calving grounds, wild buffalo have once again shown humans that patience is a virtue. Those sickening, industrial strength hazing operations were never necessary, as the buffalo have proven once again. While It is always sad to see our buffalo friends leave, we take heart in the fact that they were able to do so of their own accord. We have worked very hard for this, and the buffalo have endured so much to finally reach the point where they can choose for themselves when and where to go, as any free being should. For two years now, we have come to know calves for whom hazing is something only heard of in stories.  As the years go by and the buffalo become more comfortable on these lands, it will be interesting to see if they will linger longer, or if they will always return to Yellowstone for the summer. We look forward to learning from them, and we will continue our fight to gain more ground on lands outside Yellowstone’s borders. 


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We know the buffalo will return by fall or winter and their return is always a miraculous event. Unfortunately for many it is a time of killing instead of a celebratory welcoming. When they migrate back into Montana, what will await them? The peace and tranquility they found in spring will transform into the cold dangers of rifles and traps. Now is the time to put pressure on Montana and Yellowstone, because we know they intend to kill again. Another important lesson from the buffalo is that there is strength in numbers. Let us be like them. We have to bolster our numbers, increase our strength and fight harder than ever for these gentle giants. We need you to help us find wild buffalo advocates wherever you may roam, tell them what is happening to the last wild buffalo, and let them know the buffalo need their help. Can we count on you to find five to ten friends this summer, ask them to join our email list, get newsletters (coming soon!) in their hands, and let them know about volunteer and advocacy opportunities with us? As we grow, so do our chances of realizing the ultimate victory of wild and free buffalo roaming the lands that are their birthright.