catcher cuts the rope“Dohyah = Catcher, Tatanga Agitchita = Buffalo Warrior” of the Aaniih (White Clay Peoples) and Nakoda Nations. From the town of Hays, Montana in the Little Rocky Mountains on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation. Catcher is an Army/Marine Corps veteran who served in the Philippines and Iraq and earned the Red Feather (Purple Heart) in the Battle of Falluha in 2004. Catcher lived in Hawaii for a few years before returning home to Montana when the “Yellowstone” Buffalo returned to the prairie of Ft. Belknap. He is husband to Amy and father of Conan, Isaac, Orion, and Mahina where they make their home on the homestead of Catcher’s folks on the south end of the rez. Horses, chickens, and gardens taking up some of their time. The preservation of the Aanii culture, homelands, buffalo, and sacred water are of the utmost importance to this family. 


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