Dr. Samuel WeddingtonThe Rev. Dr. Samuel Weddington (Sam) is a Minister of Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church, USA. He is a native of southwest Virginia. He is married to his wife, Rev. Grace Kim, who is from South Korea and is also a Presbyterian minister. They have two children, Samuel K. Weddington and Joan Young-Ji Weddington.
Sam has worked his career helping build bridges of care and hope in a variety of contexts, both nationally and internationally. He is especially passionate about issues involving Environmental Justice, especially as they impact vulnerable communities. His dissertation, entitled For the Beauty of the Earth: Faith, Ecology, and Care, explores the intersection of the pressing ecological crises of our day with the responsibilities of Christ followers to seek the well-being and flourishing of the created order. That journey began long ago as a young volunteer with the Buffalo Field Campaign, an experience for which he is forever grateful.


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