Ebay for Charity Buffalo Field CampaignAre you a self-made auctioneer, seeking out or making treasures and selling them through eBay?

Did you know Buffalo Field Campaign is registered with the eBay for Charity program?

We are, and now you have another simple and easy way to defend buffalo as you sell your goods. We’ll explain.

Sell, for the buffalo: If you are an artist, craftsperson, or just have something you’d like to auction or sell for the benefit of the buffalo, please click here now for more information.

Buy, for the buffalo: If you would like to see the items currently being offered for sale in support of BFC so you can consider purchasing, please visit our eBay for Charity page. And please know that you can also donate to your favorite charity (BFC, right?!) when you BUY items through, eBay. Go to eBay now and select BFC as your favorite charity.


Attention auctioneers, artists, and everyone else!

This is a great way to turn your treasures into the cash BFC needs for buffalo protection.

You just sell items on eBay, and can automatically help protect the last wild buffalo by donating a percentage of your proceeds to BFC. Does it get any better than this?

Here's How it Works:

  1. Register on eBay.
  2. List your item(s) to sell.
  3. At the "Pictures and Details' screen you will see the following: "Donate percentage of sale...Select Nonprofit"
  4. Select Buffalo Field Campaign!

If you choose to participate in this program and your item sells, a $10 minimum donation is required.

What amount goes to BFC? It is up to you! You can decide to have the entire sale price to go directly to BFC, or any percentage you would like. The buffalo would definitely appreciate 100%!

Please read all the details about the eBay for Charity program for full information, to understand how the money gets to BFC, and what fees you will still be required to pay.

If you decide to do this, we would love to hear from you This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There is a chance we might reach out to you and ask if we can help promote your BFC-benefitting auction!

Thank you for helping protect the herds with this creative way to support BFC!

Speaking of buying to support BFC! Have you seen our new e-store?
Don’t you want to check it out, get the latest BFC gear, and know you are helping buffalo at the same time?