Estimating probabilities of active brucellosis infection in Yellowstone bison through quantitative serology and tissue culture. (PDF, 9 pages, 308kB)

IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, report on the American Bison. (PDF, 154 pages, 3.6MB)

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has Red Listed the American bison as threatened with near extinction. Bringing bison back to North America, Surfbirds News, March 1, 2010.

"Applying an ecosystem approach to brucellosis control: can an old conflict between wildlife and agriculture be succesfully managed?" by Leslie Bienen and Gary Tabor, published in the latest issue of the Ecological Society of America's Frontiers in Ecology and Environment 2006. (PDF, 9 pages, 1.4MB)

"Harvesting can increase severity of wildlife disease epidemics" by Marc Choisy and Pejman Rohani. Published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 2006. (PDF, 10 pages, 596kB)

Record of Decision for the Final Environmental Impact Statement and Bison Management Plan for the State of Montana and Yellowstone National Park - December 20, 2000. (PDF, 75 pages, 808kB)

Informational Summary of Volume I, Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Bison Management Plan for the State of Montana and Yellowstone National Park. (PDF, 17 pages, 160kB)

Congressional Investigation of the Interagency Bison Management Plan by the General Accounting Office November 1999. (PDF, 51 pages, 376kB)

Conservation of North American Bison: Status and Recommendations by Delaney P. Boyd, University of Calgary, A Master's Degree Project submitted to the faculty of Environmental Design in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Environmental Design, Calgary, Alberta, April, 2003. (PDF, 3.1MB)

Genetically, Bison Don't Measure Up to Frontier Ancestors- April 2002 By MARK DERR (NYT) ABSTRACT - Genetic study led by Texas A&M geneticist Dr James Derr finds that more than 90 percent of private bison and many animals in publicly owned herds are actually bison-cow hybrids; finding reduces pool of pure bison available for preserving species to fewer than 15,000 animals. (PDF, 4 pages, 102kB)

Spatial Aspects of Bison Density Dependence in Yellowstone National Park- October 2000 This paper capitalizes on a unique opportunity provided by the record of the bison population of Yellowstone National Park (YNP). This population has been intensely monitored for almost four decades. There does not appear to be another comparable data set in existence for a very large highly gregarious herbivore (G. Caughley pers. comm. to MM). This population has a long historical record with some information dating back to 1860 (Meagher 1970, 1973). Further, the YNP bison herds have been the subject of long-term detailed and continuous ecological study since 1963. (PDF, 133 pages, 2.6MB)

Position Statement of the Montana Chapter of The Wildlife Society on Wild Bison in Montana. (PDF, 2 pages, 94kB)

Governor Dave Fruedenthal, Brucellosis Solution for Elk and Cattle in Wyoming. (PDF, 7 pages, 631kB)

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