bfc custer national forest objections

The Custer Gallatin National Forest has released a draft decision and final analysis for their land management plan which determines how American bison habitat will be managed for decades to come.

BFC strongly disapproves of Forest Supervisor Mary C. Erickson’s decision not to include standards protecting American bison habitat, and Northern Region Regional Forester Leanne M. Marten's decision not to designate them a species of conservation concern, both of which had broad public and tribal support.

The Forest Service has opened their decisions up to a public objection’s period. BFC has instructions on our web page on how to become an effective objector.

We strongly encourage you to file your objections with Forest Service decision makers. This is your last chance to secure standards protecting American bison and their freedom to roam your National Forests.

Your objection must be filed no later than September 8, 2020. Short on time? You can take this quick action here.