As an aspiring environmental filmmaker and photographer, there could not have been a better opportunity for me than interning with Buffalo Field Campaign. Not only did I get the chance to photograph and film the astonishingly beautiful wild bison, but I also got to learn about the history of hunting bison in the United States. It is because of the incredibly passionate and well informed coordinators and volunteers at BFC that I have come to know about the few plains buffalo that remain in our country.

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Every day at BFC I learned something new. Whether it was about bison, the Yellowstone ecosystem, or picking up a new guitar chord, there wasn’t a dull moment at camp. Every second of my day was filled with awe, gratitude, and companionship. The simple act of sitting together and learning about and from one another made the journey to Montana worthwhile.

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I will be forever thankful for my experience interning with BFC. Though my time in Yellowstone was short, I’ve met the most beautiful and kind souls I could have ever imagined meeting. I will always hold our memories together near my heart.

~ By Isabella Cornell, Intern for the Buffalo Field Campaign All photos by Isabella Cornell.

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