Jazmin Sunny Murphy Board Member Buffalo Field Campaign

Jazmin “Sunny” Murphy believes all people have the right to self-determination in the development of individual and collective ecocultural identity. In pursuit, and in support, of this right, all scholars are responsible for helping their respective cultural communities dispense traditional and academic knowledge in accessible, equitable ways.

Sunny is a socioecologist, science communicator, and reporter whose passion focuses on the intersections of culture, ideology, legislation, economics, and land use with canid ecology, with special emphasis on African diasporic and Indigenous communities within the United States.

Sunny is honored to be a Board Member for Buffalo Field Campaign, joining us in May of 2023. As an aspiring ally of North American Indigenous peoples and a lifelong advocate for non-human beings, she provides unique insights into socio-ecological and ecocultural relations between human and non-human beings.



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