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Yellowstone Bison Slaughter
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Bison Habitat Lawsuit
Lawsuit in Brief

Judges' Order Denying Plaintiffs Motion for Injunction Pending Appeal (PDF 177k)
Legislative History (PDF 2978k)
Judges' Order Filing Legislative History (PDF 31k)
Plaintiffs' Reply Brief Pending Appeal (PDF 180kb)
Plaintiffs' Injunction Brief Pending Appeal (PDF 219kb)
Plaintiffs' Injunction Motion Pending Appeal (PDF 73kb)
Declaration Dr. Thomas H. Pringle (PDF 4022kb)
Defendants Response Memorandum Opposing Injunction Pending Appeal (PDF 79kb)
Defendants Declaration P.J. White (PDF 32kb)
Defendants Exhibit Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer Order (PDF 788kb)
Defendants Exhibit Senate Bill 144 (PDF 17kb)

Judges' Opinion and Order (PDF 324 kb)
Judges' Order requesting Sur-Reply Briefs (PDF 80 kb)
Plaintiffs' Notice and Clarification to the Court (PDF 87 kb)
Plaintiffs' Reply Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction (PDF 204kb)
Plaintiffs' Brief Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction (PDF 204kb)
Plaintiffs' Motion Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction (PDF 81kb)
Declaration Darrell Geist Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction (PDF 171kb)
Declaration Glenn Hockett Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction (PDF 120kb)
Defendants Sur-Reply Brief (PDF 38kb)
Defendants Second Declaration P.J. White (PDF 25kb)
Defendants Response TRO and PI (PDF 66kb)
Defendants Declaration P.J. White TRO and PI (PDF 1996kb)
Latest News
Court asked to stop Yellowstone bison slaughter,
News - February 3, 2011

Lawsuit To Be Heard in U.S. Federal Court Over Slaughter of America's Last Wild Buffalo
Press Release - 09/16/10

Conservationists File Suit Against Federal Agencies To End Slaughter of Yellowstone Bison

Press Release - 11/09/09
Plaintiffs' Complaint (PDF, 380kb)
Plaintiffs' Amended Complaint (PDF, 492kb)
Plaintiffs' Exhibit NPS and USFS record is incomplete (PDF, 184kb)
Plaintiffs' Brief to Compel NPS and USFS to complete the record (PDF, 120kb)
Plaintiffs' Brief in Support of Their Motion for Summary Judgment (PDF, 266kb)
Plaintiffs' Response to Opposing Defendants Motion for Summary Judgment and Reply (PDF, 430kb)
Plaintiffs' Statement of Genuine Issues (PDF, 217kb)
Defendants Reply in Support of Their Motion for Summary Judgment (PDF, 108kb)
Defendants Answer to Complaint (PDF, 136kb)
Defendants Declaration Richard Wallen and Exhibit (PDF ,759kb)
Defendants Exhibit Adaptive Adjustments to the Interagency Bison Management Plan (PDF, 1946kb)

Declaration Darrell Geist, Buffalo Field Campaign (PDF, 184kb)
Declaration Glenn Hockett, Gallatin Wildlife Association (PDF, 5.9MB)
Declaration Joe Gutkoski, Yellowstone Buffalo Foundation (PDF, 1.9MB)
Declaration Ken Cole, Western Watersheds Project (PDF,732kb)
Declaration Robert Lindstrom, retired YNP employee (PDF, 128kb)
Declaration Rosalie Little Thunder, Tatanka Oyate (PDF, 140kb)
Declaration Sara Jane Johnson, Native Ecosystems Council (PDF, 128kb)
EXHIBIT 1- Schubert, wildlife biologist (PDF, 148kb)

A coalition of conservation groups, Native Americans, and Montanans are suing the National Park Service for their role in slaughtering more than 3,300 wild American bison that inhabitat Yellowstone National Park. This iconic species is the last population of wild American bison to continuously occupy its native range and retain its identity as a wildlife species.

The plaintiffs say the National Park Service is violating its mission to leave unimpaired for future generations to enjoy the wild bison inhabiting their native range including Yellowstone National Park.

The U.S. Forest Service is also named in the suit for failing to manage habitat for viable populations of wild bison and sage grouse on the Gallatin National Forest.

The plaintiffs also say the Forest Service is violating its Congressional mandate providing for a diversity of native plant and wildlife species by managing habitat for cattle on National Forest lands to the detriment of native, migratory bison and sage grouse populations.

The coalition has filed a prayer for relief asking the court to:
Direct the Forest Service and National Park Service to analyze new information and changed circumstances and how the agencies actions are harming and impairing distinct bison populations that exist in the Yellowstone ecosystem, and the ability of bison to naturally evolve and survive as an indigenous wildlife species.

Enjoin the Forest Service and National Park Service from participating in or permitting actions that would lead to the slaughter of wild bison on National Forest and Nation Park Service lands including trapping for transport to slaughter houses and quarantine.

The suit does not affect the state of Montana's bison hunt scheduled to begin November 15, 2009 nor does it affect Native American tribes that retain treaty rights to hunt bison on National Forest lands.
Supporting Documentation

GAO Report:
Yellowstone Bison ~ Interagency Plan and Agencies' Management Need Improvement to Better Address Bison-Cattle Brucellosis Controversy
(PDF, 3.1MB, March 2008)

Kilpatrick 2009, Wildlife-livestock conflict:
the risk of pathogen transmission from bison to cattle outside Yellowstone National Park (Kilpatrick, PDF, 3.8MB, 2009)

White Paper by Western Watersheds Project &
the Buffalo Field Campaign:

Bison Without Borders ~ Stopping the Senseless Slaughter of America's
Last Wild Bison (160kb, word)

Wildlife Viewing Economics (720kb, PDF)


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