Dear Wild Buffalo Supporters,

I hope this edition of On the Buffalo Trail finds you well. As I write this, our Field Season is slowly shifting gears from the north side of the Yellowstone National Park to the west side. For our 26th season the Campaign has been in the field, keeping track of Montana’s and Yellowstone National Park’s winter operations. This year we have witnessed Yellowstone National Park baiting wild buffalo into the Stephen’s Creek trap. We witnessed the transport of our National Mammal off to slaughter yet again. Very little has changed with the management of wild buffalo, but the names by which government agencies act. The Campaign will continue to tell the story of the plight of Yellowstone buffalo, and strive for a better future for this important keystone species.

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It is almost time for us to shift our operations to highway and community safety closer to home. The fatalities caused by vehicle-buffalo collisions on Highway 191 near West Yellowstone, Montana are of significant concern to us. Therefore, it is empowering to work alongside our neighbors and in our community. A coalition built on common ground is the only way to achieve holistic solutions and improve the outcomes for all. We’ve shown that wild buffalo have a place on the landscape as much as any other wildlife species in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. With local involvement we can co-create solutions that improve the transportation infrastructure, protects communities, and provides for the natural migrations of buffalo, grizzlies, and wolves.

The buffalo trails are still there and the migratory knowledge still exists. Wild buffalo know how to take care of themselves, so we must manage our built environment to limit human impacts on wildlife. The impetus is on humans who are not on the brink of extinction. With the local work we’re doing, our collective efforts will continue to advance us toward that vision. With our legal advocacy, we will continue to identify failures in the federal process. The Campaign will continue to hold Yellowstone National Park, the United States Forest Service, and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service accountable. Treaty tribes, including the regional tribes who abut Yellowstone National Park, support a Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem with a healthy population of free-roaming wild buffalo.

We will continue to do this work as long as wild buffalo are forced to remain within the tight confines of Yellowstone National Park. As long as there are buffalo being sent to slaughter and federal agencies kowtow to special interests, we will remain steadfast to our mission. With you at our side we remain strong and unified. Qeciyewyew laatiwa (Thank you my friend).

For the Buffalo,
James L. Holt, Sr.
Executive Director
Buffalo Field Campaign

“The Earth and I are of One Mind.”- Chief Joseph, Nimiipuu (Nez Perce)